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  1. Pretty much this. In KR you basically just play through the story and you'll level up. Then do PG and such
  2. He's been nerfed a couple of times but still considered high tier by most of the pvpers. I tend to avoid pvp in KR closers so I wouldn't know 100%
  3. Actually I never did PvP once on KR but I'm pretty sure Teinn is broken there as well. Top tier pvp chars in KR seem to be Teinn, Tina, and Nata based on what I asked some people from my circle/ English KR community
  4. Play Seha or Nata Pretty much the solo kings Jking all the characters are fun and just follow the yellow quest marks to get through the game basically
  5. This. Thanks for clarifying. The only FM that has an extra input in the current version of KR is his FM3, Fireworks Btw nice Sombra pfp
  6. Yeah this is the current version of the game. Nata's old Infinite Hell Extra Input was reworked into his FM4 which puts him into a special state that alters about 5 of his skills and turns everything into back attack iirc
  7. I haven't capped her yet but she's really fun. Harpy's Special Crew should be coming relatively soon though since Yuri got hers not too long ago
  8. Went ahead and posted a couple guides just to share some tips and things. Hope they're helpful. I'm not as experienced as some of the older closers in the KR english community but I'll share what I know
  9. Tina is my sub-main on Closers KR so I'd like to share some tips for her. I'm going to say this now, if you're like me you might find her boring at first since all you really have to do is line up and just shoot at a distance, but her skills make her more fun to play with. Tina is a physical attacker and her substat is Chase Damage, so when tuning gear for go Chase. While it is advised to learn all the skill atleast to 10, her best skills to use currently in my opinion Heat shot - This skill is her most powerful norm skill. High burst damage and has a fairly long horizontal range. If you can line enemies up straight, you can clear a room with just this skill if your damage is good enough. Phantom Snipe All of her Finishing Moves are really good, just note that FM1 has an additional input that throws the gun for an additional explosion. If you don't press it, the gun will burn her hands and she'll drop it (Which is funny and cute) I want to be alone - Skill makes Tina hide inside a refrigerator. While inside you are immune to attacks and bounces enemies back when you explode out of it Rapid Fire is a good skill for mobbing though I don't recommend maxing unless you have spare points. Passives to learn (Same as most) Phys Damage Critical Damage Chase Damage ABC Penetration ABC Critical
  10. Nata main on KR just sharing a few tips for him. Will edit to provide images later Main Passives you want to focus on are Crit, Phys Damage, Back Attack, ABC Pen and Crit (ABC stands for Aerial, Back Attack, and Chase Damage) It is viable to learn all of his skill to at least level 10 but the skills you'll want to focus on or max are definately: Sure Kill Skin Slayer FM2 and 3 (FM1 is viable as well but the latter two are much more rewarding at later levels) Note: FM stands for Final Move/Finishing Move Lasso early on Endless Pursuit (The skill where he dashes around, attained at Official Crew if I remember correctly). Punishment is also good for the passive enhancement to Sure Kill although, since I just found out about that after attaining Special Crew, I'm not sure if the passive is gained when Punishment is upgraded to Punishment EX or not. Nata's primary substat is Back Attack, meaning most of his skill will trigger Back attack Damage. It's advised to aim for tunings that give critical or back attack damage.
  11. DiAlphaKR

    New Nata player

    This and Crits. However, when this server gets Nata's 3rd Job (Special Crew), he has EX skills (upgraded versions of skills such as Torrent of Pain that makes them ALOT better) as well as a FM that alternates some of his skills such as Lasso and Skin Slayer. Also Punishment EX has a passive that turns Sure Kill/Confirmation Kill into an insta slash that doubles the crit damage.
  12. Yeah, I wish I took screens when I was merging my 6/6 Cybernetics set on Nata and Tina so I could add images to this guide but it's still pretty accurate
  13. Unless this is some how changed, I'm going to explain how you acquire the 3 star rare outfits when they come to this server. I currently don't have images (Since I never owned Splendor of Darkness and only have the new rare set on KR) Splendor of Darkness/Cybernetics (Currently the only two rare sets in CLOSERS) are 10 set costumes that can only be obtained via fusion and gacha. 4 accessories (Eyes/Pupils, Back, Face, Hat) are only obtain through the Gacha but are available for all characters 6 pieces (Hair, Top, Bottoms, Shoes, Gloves, Weapon) are obtained via fusion To fuse each piece, you need these items: [1] Synchro Fiber / [1] 3 Star Costume Piece that is for your character / [1] 3 Star Costume piece that is the same equipment slot (e.g. Hair. This piece can be for the same or a different character as long as it is the same body part). Note: Unless this gets changed, you will also require 1,000,000 credit to perform the fusion. Typically on the official servers, there was a 100% success rate on fusing the rare pieces on the first week of release. This depends if this server does the same or not. The normal success rate is 75% When you have assembled all 6/6 pieces, you will have access to a special emote. (SoD - Sitting on a cool sp00ky throne chair | Cybernetics - You go inside this space capsule thing and float around When 10/10 pieces have been assembled you are granted an additional effect of that set as well as the full 10/10 stats, one of which grants around 35% phys/mag crit dmg (I don't think SoD has another emote, but Cybernetics has this cool transformation emote for 10/10) Also when 10/10 of a set has been attained, you will be granted that character's special voice and portrait/skill cut-in for that related set. (Will post examples later) Hope this guide helps you out in the future when this server releases SoD and eventually Cybernetics EDIT: Here is a Video example I found from the KR server. In the video, if you're wondering about the pink ball of yarn under the synchro fiber, it is a cash item that keeps the original stats/attributes of the main piece being fused.
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