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  1. Just wanted to know if theres an estimate of when they'll be available to pvp. I know they're allowed to in KR so just wanted to know when they'll be able to in code.
  2. thanks, I think I have enough opinions to keep going with the character. Also @SunniestDays thanks for the clips. I've also fought you before lol. it was an exerience. owo Thanks everyone.
  3. Hi. I'm a Seha main and I met a friend while I was streaming that told me that seha was not that good and pointed out a significant amount of flaws for the character. He pointed out that Seha had no area control and only goes up with his combos and also pointed out that other than his true damage, every other character excels at something special well while seha, although he may be well rounded excels at nothing and cant really counter any of the other characters because of this. I also noticed that in pvp, the move seha has that pushes out then pulls enemies in has this thing where the second part of the skill where he tries to pull you in doesnt have any super armor frames, not to mention his chain blast sometimes dont link together properly sometimes like they should and I dont know if I really want to go on with the character if he's as bad as my new friends claims he is. I looked at Seha's revamp and SA but im not sure if any of what he has later down the line fixes any of the issues such as area control, combos, or making him good in general that might fix some of his flaws, and I've looked everywhere I could for a review or run down of his special agent or revamp to get some opinions but couldnt find any, or the ones I found were just in another language. So im looking for feed back. Is Seha really that bad? Does he get any better? Because if he's honestly really that bad in both pve and pvp then im hopping ship and becoming a levia main, and if doesnt get any better then adios I guess. let me know what you think please.
  4. This was so difficult to understand
  5. We coulda clutched this but that last monster had a surprise for me and my boy...we got that round three tho lol
  6. Ik the translation aint perfect but this right here is just hilarious https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/photo/104373888795742196011/6388660225133565314?icm=false&authkey=CKb1_an8-N7ElwE
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