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  1. I see! Thank you for clarifying! Naddic has a thing for lolis, it seems, and so does a (possibly large) chunk of the game's fanbase (thanks to Tina). Her 'cutesy cat' attitude and the "awoo"-ing are some of the reasons I could think of that would cater to her fans, if not for her gigantic skill AOE and tremendous strength. She was made as a lolicon magnet and is (afaik) still considered the best character for raiding. About Mirae though. Honestly? Power to you, man! I adore huge scythe wielding characters too even though I feel like the oversized weapon + girl trope is a bit overused. Regardless of that though she's managed to irritate me which is why I'll personally stay away (or again, level her for the teamwork buff), but if anyone wants to play her I'm not going to judge or throw shade.
  2. Currently it's definitely Bai. Chulsoo and Mirae should come close if we go by how hyped they are.
  3. While the last maintenance didn't bring along any new content, I'm not displeased and am willing to wait for as long as needed. but i am curious about that compensation they mentioned...or is the anniversary box it? Am I excited for the coming update? Partially. I strongly dislike Mirae. She seems like Naddic's last resort cash grab plan gone right (seeing as how many people like her already). She very much irritates me more than I care to put into words (even topping Seth which I thought was the worst of the worst) and if I do pick her up it would be for the teamwork buff. Chulsoo looks like a crossbreed between Tina (guns) and Nata/Wolf (skill AOE and speed?) which, albeit unoriginal, isn't bad, so I admit I do already like him. That, and seeing a male character in this game after Wolfgang is so refreshing. Can't wait to dress up my 2nd king once he's home. I am looking forward to more of the storyline though, but I would first have to catch up from where I left off on NA.
  4. Thank you both for the kind welcome! (I joined the server earlier today.)
  5. Definitely true! I'll see who I can drag down here.
  6. Thank you for the warm welcome! I'll definitely be sticking around for as possible. The community already seems great! Hi! Thank you! I'll make sure to add you as soon as I can! Thank you for the welcome! ❤️ They really are. While I do understand supporting developers and contributing, their greed is transparent at this point. It's a bit saddening and I am sad to leave as I have made a lot of friends playing there, but unfortunately I don't feel like spending huge sums of money.
  7. Hi everyone! My name is Ein (I also go by Summer). I used to play on the official Closers server but after quitting and returning numerous times, I've decided to try this server out too in hopes of it keeping my attention for longer than a few days. Currently I'm leveling Wolfgang (my previous main and favorite character). While it is a bit lonely, I'd prefer that than torturing a soul to play with me when my loading is this abysmally slow. Though I'd still love to meet new people to talk with and am looking for advice! My agent name is Eligos and my Wolfgang's name is Scaeva. Nice to meet you all!
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