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  1. Is it able to give player resurrect chance? Because in some situation when player suffering damage that damage will be count multiple times, then player will die suddenly. For example, I used my Tina yesterday, In wave 8 I used my 'EX Close Combat' skill, then I was pushed away by a moving block?(I dont know how to call that) and I die suddenly. I know this trap will not cause lethal damage, but I died due to some unknown reason or BUGs?. That really makes me frustrated and I really hope we can have at least one resurrect chance.
  2. No, I opened it and it give me two Feet instead of one Feet and one glove.
  3. 2 Feets in this package, dont include gloves. Hope it can be fixed soon thank you!
  4. There is a BUG on bits shop. When I try to use seth to buy and open Trench Coat Costume Package (C), there are two boots in this package instead of one glove and one boot Sorry for the inconvenience, I dont know how to insert images (insert image from URL doesnt work), but I share photoes via Google Photo to easier understand what happened. Hope it can be solved in next maintenance. Thank you! https://photos.app.goo.gl/MbfK5RuVrneE24Zq5
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