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  1. IGN : Sinlya Name : sinLya Character Portrait (Mirae) Title : Love Beyond Death 1024 x 1024 : 512 x 512 : Alternative : WIP : I'm ready to provide bigger resolution if all of this not enough ;_;
  2. Ahh, I see, that made me clear then. Thank you for the answer
  3. Regarding Code:Recolor, I know this already written on the rules but once again I really want to make sure. ... Is that true if I participate on all three categories, then I can only win at one of three categories? I asked this because I want to focus more on Potrait, but if the chance of winning is equal (I mean if participants can win more than 1 in 3 categories) , I would like to parcitipate on all categories sorry my bad english ;_;
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