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  1. While playing dungeons the game constantly freezes for a couple seconds and it does it very often. I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this but if you are and you have a solution, please tell me. Thank you in advance
  2. anyone wanna level a new char with me ew#4132 ign: RattiJrJR
  3. I'm a returning player to closers, I transitioned from NA to C:C (like most people probably did) I'm a Yuri main and right now shes just level 83, but I'm planning on getting her to 88 in the near future. I also used to play Tina and Harpy a lot, but I had to leave them at NA.. I took this new server as a chance to experience other characters (while keeping my Yuri of course) I really like PvP even though I'm very bad at it. I also like to do raids even though I'm very bad at it. My favorite part about closers is the leveling grind. I also came here to make friends that I can play and enjoy th
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