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  1. Welcome back! Hope you enjoy it here >w<
  2. Alright well we’re still choosing not to get rid of the crew. Put too much work into it already lol R> Lock @Icarus
  3. One of the crew deputies showed me this
  4. Is there any actual way to transfer guild ownership?... Thank you.
  5. Hello... is there any actual way to transfer guild ownership to my new account? I unfortunately have been banned recently for pgc fraud (tried doing everything I can to fix it.) Please let me know, thank you.
  6. MiiMii


    Great to be playing other games than just one or 2 - having variety is always nice ~ Nice to meet you, Neppie! Huehue >w> TOTALLY JUST DIDNT CALL YOU NEPPIE
  7. Hai chi! and dw I still haven't created an introduction Ilyyy ♥
  8. Welcome to C:C! Good luck on finding your crew ^-^ I own one but it’s english only type of Crew... not sure if you’d want to join. Anywho, hope you enjoy the game!
  9. Welcome to Code Closers! Hope you enjoy the new stuffs ♥
  10. You can join our crew's discord & it's up to you whether you want to join our crew in game or not~ ♥ https://discord.gg/wQGSdp
  11. Things happen & life isn't perfect. It's fine, dw! Also, id you'd ever like to reunite with us, just let me know - I'd be more than happy to start over
  12. Hey Sin ~! I'm sure you more than likely don't remember me due to my name change, but I'm sure you remember Ryax, Deadly, kim and the others! Welcome back
  13. @RattiJr if you want, maybe I can get one of the crew members to level with you ~
  14. Welcome back to C:C I'll go ahead and add you in game ~! ♥
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