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  1. IGN: NeroFortex Title: Levia's summer thought.
  2. I appreciate the help Field Officer but: 1. My error code isn't listed in the general support topic or in the XIGNCODE FAQ 2. When I tried to download the XIGNCODE file to replace it, it just shows me "404 file not found" 3. I tried diagnosing the game and still have the same problem. Should I just reinstall the whole game again?...or perhaps should I contact "support@wellbia.com" with the error log?
  3. Hello support team, today I open closers, play a bit and suddenly the game closes and a screen pops up with an error code 0xE019101A, I'm not sure if this is a bug..so far my computer is running very well, I'm only having this problem with C:C...please help (I only run Windows Defender)
  4. Thank you very much I'll gladly wait and hope this gets solved soon!
  5. Having the bug fixed and being notified later about the fix, is enough compensation for me 😅 I forgot to add....is this the only item with that bug? because I'm having trust issues right now...
  6. So I'm relatively a new player in this game (started about a week ago), I craft this, and end up disappointed that it shows me it expires in 6 days...I'm wondering how could I know this without some previous alert, I lost 10 million credits which are about 67 soda for fatigue and about 300 of the other material that is asking for that package, I'm so scared and frustrated to craft any other customization item...is this happening in the official closers game? or is this a Code: Closers only issue? any help or answer would be gracefully appreciated...
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