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  1. When you say pna, is it regarding to Offense, Defense, and Utility for Bai's build? Does it include Special Strain and Amplifier?
  2. Well then I'm not sure what the issue is, since you attempted all alternatives. Most of them I listed are the common possible issues. Hopefully someone or a staff can help fix your issue
  3. Try disabling antivirus or some sort of security in your system (if you feel safe about it) since sometimes windows or your system may "think" that some files of closers are corrupt though they are not. Other than, I'm not sure what issue could be further causing errors on your game. Hopefully someone can give an alternative to help you fix the game error.
  4. Hmm well that's weird. I do though want to ask, you were able to log in and play but it's just the game is bugged it's not playable?
  5. Alright, so to note as well runs by 64 bit (just in case you don't know, but if you do great) but if you said none of these fixes don't work at all, I would uninstall, as well as clear the game data files then reinstall it again as a final resort if you didn't do that
  6. It should be in Fantasy Theater (Not Reversed) and the first thing is to talk to Count D
  7. If it's regarding to downloading the game from the website, you have to right click it to make it open a separate tab, this allows it to download the installer.
  8. Yeah for that I'm not sure if there is one, but there are methods in which can help you get the accessories in a more likely chance which includes "found item" stabilizers, J's fresh veggie juice, Holy Water etc. Last, but not least some accessories/costumes (if you ever get them) give you a choice tuning of found items as well as chips (but in only certain parts: (modules, trinkets, core, amplifier)). However, I will warn it's rng based so you may or may not get it, so definitely run dungeons when you have the chance to. Hope this helps
  9. Are you asking about the boss drop rates in accessories or accessories in gacha?
  10. They are in process of planning/making an upcoming event at least with something similar, but not entirely alike. Try to be patient with them. They will surprise us. Regarding equipment , they provide us with time limited +14 hybrid, phy and psi so I don't think they would make an event regarding free equipment, unless you're talking about another type (correct me if I'm wrong)
  11. I don't know if this is possible but you can allow closers to work if you let antivirus register it as "not a virus but safe file" I remember allowing it in my antivrus system, if not, as minos mentioned you have to disable your antivirus whenever you play and then turn it back on when you're not playing. It's a hassle but if the option I gave works for you, then you don't need to turn it on and off Hope this helps
  12. I see an ex Bai main :eyes: , but nice to meet you. Good luck with your commissions! Maybe one day I'll pay you to do one for me I also see Helltaker as your pfp, love the game and art of it as well as music
  13. I think we have the same specs (could be wrong though) but I think honestly it probably may be a file blocked in your system, since I remember that happening to me multiple times when I first downloaded it. Did you try to reinstall the game?
  14. Well from what I'm hearing, none of them work. I will note that this game is 64 bit so if your computer/laptop is under it, then that could be a reason that it would close since it can't run properly. If that's not the issue, hopefully someone else or a staff can clarify the issue to you
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