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  1. You know korean games. just pick the latest character. it works the same everywhere.
  2. Elsword / Soul worker : Gameforge Closers : Nexon its gameforge that kills void and burning :^) so Closers is safe
  3. Well, that's an IP error so... here's my way to fix that- It worked for my friends (and myself) but i don't know if it will work for you, but worth a try. go to your C:C folder, then the XIGNCODE folder, find a folder named : xmag.xem Delete that (xmag.xem) and start your game normally. During the xigncode patch, it will redownload your XIGNCODE (and the xmag.xem) and hopefully refreshed the old written IP with the new one. If it worked, then good. but it doesn't mean that error won't happen again. Just do that every time the error happened.
  4. Well, the only one you get have duration, so if you used to get that from the promotion quest, then its gone. but if you ever craft the one from the Code Foundation, then i don't know where it go. the only costume you get for permanent is the base costume. Both Regular (2nd) and Official (3rd) agent as well as Task force (4th) all have duration unless self-crafted.
  5. I'd say its easier to find someone to play with on Code:Closers' Discord server than on here. just saying
  6. I know our staffs just like... Freshly Joined into the Workshop. while im not good at making this Wise-sounded paragraph I'm only here to say... For future updates Can all the staff, please.. communicate to us what you guys are going to do first before patching it? Like please? sorry for sounding like demanding a lot. But yes its a demand. I just wanted to know what's coming and i wanted that my our opinion counted as the references of future update. 1. no. its not a suggestion, im basically opening a discussion. 2. wanted to hear their reasoning if they didn't want player to have an impact on what's coming to the game. pls, don't tell me its because of player's bias 3. Also join C:C Discord pls Since this is actually "Indirectly" Directed towards the Staff, can i ping you guys? Ok thanks! @Soma @Harpy @Bai @Gita-... PS : sorry for the bad delivery, i really don't know how to ask this from you guys.
  7. not now, i would say, but it's worth start doing the daily for the future. We still have lots if not tons of things that i wish were better. so nope, its not yet worth coming back now if you wanna be serious to the game
  8. welcome back to the most buggy game ever.
  9. welcome back Lylan. You can always ask me if you need any info regarding what to do! You have my discord~ I will sum up everything you need there if its required.
  10. Pros : - NEW CHARACTER TRAIT : Basically she's OP. (mostly if not always Proc ABC damage) - Awooo - Nya nyan! - Prrrr...~ - Skill cooldown reset ability is just insane. SHE RESET FM.. A ****ING FM. - she's loli. and must be sacked like you. Cons : - She's not fast paced enough. I feel like her movement is kinda sluggish when i played her and watching the end-game Seth doesn't seems any different. - She's mostly on the ground. floor is lava. - Being a character that proc everything (ABC dmg) kinda makes me confuzzle to decide which stat i should be focus on. Too much research to be done. - Her OPness relies on how you chain your skill correctly. And her mechanic is not really straightforward. Some skill need to be pressed correctly, the other must be used before/after certain skill and everything.
  11. 🛍️sacc


  12. ﹤Stay﹥

    Gear Progression

    1. PG > Quest 2. Tiamat > Quest 3. Extreme 70 > Quest 4. Tiamat Core > Craft 5. Extreme 75 / Supression Program : Irina & David (you'll be around 700k at this point > Craft 6. Purification / Extreme ( 1,2m + ) > Craft 7. Purification / Wolfgang ( 1,5m + ) > Trans/Craft 8. Purification t5 / Wolfgang t2 ( 2m + ) > Trans 9. Beelzebub / Oofman (wolfgang t4) ( 4m + ) > Craft/Trans
  13. It is 6GB if you're patching after the cleanup I think? (5GB of update and 1GB of clean up) as for myself, I patched only 5GB since I patched it before the clean up and then after the cleanup. (so 10GB in total. 5GB for patching the update and another 5GB after Gitae's Cleanup) Although this is just my opinion alone.
  14. welcome! aside from ghosting you behind your back I'm glad to finally hear that we got a new team. Good luck with getting used to your new environment and stuff~ good luck adapting to the whole community and best of everything for you! I wish you could revive this graveyard with a glimmer light of hope.
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