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  1. Yeah, it looks super good and I've thought I will have the same thing, but now I am not even sure where is this issue coming from and whether it will be fixed or not, I hope it will be fixed as soon as possible for Chulsoo and possibly Mirae if she has the same issue.
  2. I've dropped Core Crash Visual today during one of my BBv2 runs, instead of selling it I've decided to check how it looks like and I saw in game where seha in the training room presents it and I did like the look of it, so in the end instead of selling it to a person who was interested I've decided to use it for myself. The video(If you go to "K" Effect Custom) overall shows much more detailed Core crash visual than it actually is after I've equipped it. Here is how it looks on Chulsoo and I am not sure if there are some files missing, or issue with new characters, or is it only in CC or Naddic messed something up: I kinda regret not selling it at this point if this is how its gonna look like lmao, I even boosted my settings in graphics and launched HDR thing too, but that's all I've got
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