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  1. Basically like the title indicates, from what I've seen she's the only case so far of being untradeable.
  2. My bad then, I thought they were trade-able, it feels like they were trade able at one point since it doesn't make much sense for them to be bm only. I'll go make a suggestion thread instead then.
  3. Pretty much like the title indicates, pretty much all the synchro fibers except for the normal ones have returned to being black market only.
  4. I'm sorry, what do you mean by first time?
  5. I'm perfectly fine with how the event was organized, I rather enjoy the account runs followed by the server wide buffs/snowman voucher system. The credit costs are fine when you keep in mind the people who exploited the fox tails in order to amass credits which might have been injected into the economy via bm purchases so I guess this justifies a credit sink. Just budget for the necessities first or sell event cubes if you're in need of credits.
  6. With the most recent update being added, has there been any additions to the failpool be it costumes that were removed before/completely brand new sets?
  7. Since I'm sure many people are interested in knowing what each accessory from the cube looks like, I've decided to make this thread in order to gather photos of each accessory and condense it here. If you have any of the accessories from the event cube, please list the name alongside an image of it so I can add it to the list.
  8. Drops from Hell or you can purchase it from other players
  9. Personally, I feel like the event was pretty well done overall for the most part with the only thing missing being able to preview how the rewards would look either on the forum or in game (regarding sets/rng accessories from the cubes etc).
  10. Previously the official agent package from code fusion could be upgraded whereas now the costumes inside are stuck being 1 Stars permanently as seen in the bottom rows. Wondering if this was intended or merely a bug from the patch just now.
  11. Will there be a credit cost associated when using the tokens to craft the Sunshine Wave costumes? I'm unsure if it's safe or not to use up all my credits and I don't want to risk winding up with tokens that I can't use.
  12. Is there a set amount of time before there's a gacha rotation (1/2/3) months? If so when is the current housekeeping one set to end?
  13. I saw that post already, and yeah it sucks that some characters are pretty much screwed in getting the rewards even with top tier gear.
  14. Rip the furthest I got was after the level 77 red pg boss. Would suggest that the devs add a conversion tab for regular event dungeon drops towards the special dungeon drops otherwise this is pretty much going to be an exclusive for people with a ton of revives to spare along top tier whale gear.
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