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  1. This guide pretty much explains everything about where to find your drops, but at the end of the day it still comes down to rng. You can probably still find the ghost dancer pendant in the other area of PGs (i think). And pretty sure you can run higher levels of altar of distortion and it'll still have a chance of dropping. If you run lower level stages you get less materials (e.g. dust/crystals/essences, etc)
  2. You still get it as a clear reward. Except its only from the Code Reward (bottom most slot) in the clear rewards screen. Afaik, its possible to get up a stack of 2 warp frags.
  3. really nice update to fix most of the issues that came up. Now to decide what to do with my bits...
  4. ZSaver

    Yuri AMA

    red numbers mean physical type damage. blue numbers mean magical type damage. Lightning fast deals both physical and magical damage, so there are 2 numbers per hit.
  5. they can see me swearing inb4 ban
  6. The Green cubes are skill cubes that let you cancel skills with another skill. Difference between the left one and right one is, the left one can be put into any skill EXCEPT the finishing moves, and the right one is EXCLUSIVE to finishing moves. You summon the corresponding boss when you use them. They just do one of big moves and leave. As for the damage I'm not too sure how much it does, but I don't think its that great. Still fun to use though.
  7. Lol this thread just went everywhere. But yeah, just play whoever you like and enjoy the game.
  8. Outside of the lower population compared to elsword, i'm definitely having a better time here. At least the dungeons require some skill to a degree. Elsword was just a tank and spank. Res stones in elsword? useless. Can't die with that 30 second 100% hp/mp potion. throw a pet heal too if you somehow managed to proc it. Boss mechanics? All mechanics could be ignored if you DPS hard enough. I stopped after the release of Elysion Part 2 cause at that point the game just got too boring for me, not sure how the newer dungeons are, but I'm not expecting too much tbh.
  9. its a drop from the bosses on airport on normal and higher difficulties.
  10. ZSaver

    YURI questions

    You can make any skill cancel another skill if you give them a force connection skill cube.
  11. ZSaver


    yea purple genes have the highest values, but you can put the least of them. what would you recommend for the defensive genes? I honestly thought HP would be the go-to gene to use.
  12. Its the set you make in Tiamat's Measure room another endgame zone. Similar to PG you can only run a certain amount of times per day.
  13. Opening any chip box from tiamat will crash the game. Its an issue that you can't get chips but also takes up space in the bank/consumable tab. Edit: Might be the shabby versions only. I opened Outdated versions and they didn't cause a crash.
  14. Looks like the 5 day ones are coming to an end for some of us. ;P I'm curious as well, i've done 20 runs so far, only got 2 weapon costumes. Btw where are you reading that it drops the wings? I've looked everyone on the wiki and haven't come across anything.
  15. I swore Irina's Wing's gave some movement speed, (not a lot but still something). And to me endgame is all about looks, but that's a personally preference.
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