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  1. so you meant +1 until +5 which is actually obtained is that 5 and in the game shown are different things? so what i just got in +5 is was adding more power when activating phase release?
  2. Today i try to enhance my phase wings type 2 to +5 for get status physical/psi critical damage +30% but i was surprised when i saw my strength status did not increase. I wonder what actually happened? did i spend 150.000.000 credit, 5 back light material, 10 costume fusion fiber, and 250 splendid phase fiber just for nothing? Because i thought it was just a temporary error, i have tried to log out and then log in again but my power status hasn't changed. This really makes me disappointed..... Is this a bug or what? please answer.....thanks
  3. i always get a bug in fly king core dungeon in Theater Reverse, every time i play alone, there are 3 imitations that can't be beaten. so i can't clear that dungeon. Is this a bug? if someone know the cause, please answer me......(and please fix it if you are a game master) sorry my bad english and this is my first report 😅
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