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  1. amanda i love u queen hearteyes x
  2. Sephira

    Violet backstory

    Foster-daughter*** Violet's biological parents died in a car crash, but due to Phase Power awakening, she didn't die. Afterwards, the president of Vultures adopted Violet to make use of her because she awakened her phase powers. The president of Vultures is actually the one who schemed to kill Violet's biological parents and Violet wants revenge, which is why she joined the Wolfdogs.
  3. For the aspiring Violet, refer to this guide by @Vessaliux : ♡ To check character changes post-revamp, refer to this thread by @SunniestDay : ♡
  4. The server will be going under maintenance in ~10 minutes.
  5. us harpies are finally liberated from being grounded by harpy strike omg...
  6. Harpy's is Caroline from G-Tower.
  7. bai ykhar : ((( u were so nice : ((( have fun in overwatch!~
  8. Welcome Alto! Hope you have fun here!
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