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  1. So after the Mirae Outfit, and the remove of the Dimensional Ops Center, I wanted to make sure I can craft my Special Agent gear when my other one expires. So can you still do that but in the new place? Because I can't find a crafting area to craft with my Special Ops tokens
  2. Teengate29

    Soma PNA

    I have a Soma in lvl 55, what's the best PNA guide you could give me, any suggestions?
  3. So far my Total Combat Power is 300,000+, but I'm at Chapter 2 in Hunter's Night and I want to get stronger. Plus, I'm also struggling with PNA. If you have any advice, it could help me a bit. Because I wanna get my Seha really strong.
  4. Hey, I'm having trouble getting Transcendence Dust to help me craft my purification gear. If you have any answers, let me know.
  5. Dungeons like what, and where do I craft the Regular Agent and Special Agent gear for Wildhuter?
  6. I don't know if Wildhuter has the ability to craft promotion gear as the Black Lambs can, same with the Special Agent Uniform. Because I have a Bai Winchester that's lvl. 70 and she's not a special agent yet, Idk if it's possible. I need some answers
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