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  1. I considered that too though it seems to deal the same damage as yuri kick now but I think it got a skill cube of 100% back crit damage bonus so if that's the case should be better than current kick but I would need help with confirmation about that Yeah exactly 50% conditional crit damage loss if full S and well only place you would have to choose one or the other is on the effect but better regardless to just tune the abc crit away.
  2. I used to think Horn was better too, I actually used to recommend either on the guide but after some time trying it I found it better for my dps but all in all I guess I can just recommend both again, either way they're gonna get replaced with busan one later, it's more like if you got it since it could be a pain to drop it then you good/better but if not you won't be missing on a lot either
  3. Yeah I'm aware of that, CC and World are on same balance patches right now, I just think skill stacking is still better even if slightly for Yuri right now and in any case is future proof with the upcoming changes cause then you would have to start tuning when the changes are here already with T7 Gear? That might be extremely expensive, that's pretty much my whole point as to why to start now. For what I can see is either stack EX Phase Flip or don't skill stack at all even with the upcoming changes cause what you would stack then other than ex phase flip? Well I don't know where you could get that since I did say I skill tune on costumes. Ah yeah forgetting about the KR changes again, with that should be no doubt for everyone to go for it Thing is skill levels are extremely important for the skill's damage, as I said on the guide, a skill would need to have pretty bad damage with it's cd/animation not compensating for it and/or hadly fit in the rotation overall to not be worth maxing most of the time. So Tail Whip damage might not be great but it's only 6s CD and used often in the rotation so that is why is worth maxing. Another thing not that common but that also happens is where you would use those SPs instead, as you said FM2 is an option but the gain on Tail Whip would be bigger vs the spam and amount of levels given to both skills so that's why I recommend to max it over FM2 at least for now, I think it'll get a buff later if I remember correctly, however in that case I wouldn't touch Tail Whip either but the TF passives instead. Though it's not something to worry about in CC Sorry but did you mean EX Horn (green) or actual EX Fang (yellow)? Cause as far as I know EX Horn would provide a higher DPS than EX Fang since with a proper gameplay the spam of EX Horn is pretty big and in general you already spam the skill a lot though even then an Epsilon Amp with -2s (actually -1.4s) FoP would provide a higher DPS than both due to FoP being your highest damaging skill with the cd reduction from amp and EX fang will basically give you a "free" FoP around every 3 casts, all this until the chip revamp of course
  4. I actually forgot about the FM4 change on KR so thanks I'll make the corrections, however, I don't get why would you recommend to "don't skill tune for now" considering how hard it can be to get skill tunes it would be pretty tough to start looking for them with 1 tune and by spending Alphas, skill levels in general are just way better than the gain you would get from some more back damage so that's why I would recommend to stack your most likely best skill. Well you already said it about Freeze, as for me I'm just not comfortable recommending skill tunes on costumes due to a bit of uncertainty even if I do skill tune on costumes
  5. Bump just in case
  6. Hello, I'm fairly new in the forums and the server in general though not in the game. I've been playing on World server for around 1.5 years and I made a big guide some time ago with pretty much all you need to know about how to properly gear almost every char, some stats explaination and a few other things that I consider useful to know so I want to share it here. Unfortunately Mirae and Chulsoo won't be on the guide for the meantime but I'm pretty sure you can still follow the guide for the most part with them, just be sure to ask the proper people about their optimal atk speed and skill tune to go for. Now some other things to point out: -Since you can eventually max every skill here can just ignore that section for the most part though will be useful while you're still getting all the SPs -I'm aware of the different names for Bai and Seth skills so I made the changes on the skills to tune part, however, the skill builds still has World names but since the skills are written in the exact order and due to what I mentioned above I didn't find it necessary to change them but if turns out it would be way better to have the CC names there then I wouldn't mind to adjust it later -Only things left to add would be Wolfgang's Skill Build, Scorpion's title rank vs Yod's, and Mirae, Chulsoo and eventually Eunha stuff. For any comments about the guide post here or contact me on discord by Mari#5843 https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jq2RPPlUgJ8aFr4kCF8MaSV2RPlLmC9Vgj0vvITPB3U/edit?usp=sharing
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