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    Thank you so much! This explains a lot
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    Question about purchasing PGC: Has anyone purchased PGC through this payment method called "MINT"? I'm trying to buy PGC but they only show 2 different payment options which I do not have access to. I've contacted the customer support and they basically replied saying that the payment wall is "region based". I've clicked on MINT's site and it was pretty sketchy - to me at least. Say I want to purchase 5$ PGC and I need to pay through MINT, it asks for a 16 digit code. If I don't have MINT yet, they ask me to "purchase it". PGC purchase value is in MINT as well but the reason I'm paranoid
  3. The 9.35gb download is from the recent update!
  4. Personally I've played most of the characters, for me easiest to play would be (BL) J (if you can manage his health since he doesn't have a MP bar), (WD) Tina (once you finish 1st promo), (WH) Bai/Wolfgang. I don't recommend going for Rattus characters since they're kinda hard (for me). Looking at guides help if you want to main a certain character I just playing each character until 1st promo and see which playstyle is easier/more fun for you
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