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  1. i just did the entire run on YOD 147 and the entire run FM2 doesn't create a single shadow wtf, but anyway, thanks to you create this post, i just know the skill on my number 1 and 3 (weeping sky and waiting for dawn) have a debuff reduces target critical damage reduction and increase damage taken lol. sorry im bothering you. im playing KR version i hope you dont hate me about that.
  2. im not saying about the damage, im saying about the shadow at the end of the FM2 thou. i know the damage different boss type too , the only main reason i wonder its sometimes it doesn't cast shadow in the end of FM2, even i did the same move in the video, open phase power -> cast V -> jump -> casting FM2. the video about busan i forgot to open phase and it still have shadow and better damage than the open phase anyway. for short: casting FM2 if it have shadow, it can up to 1B5~2B damage. if it's not, only ~300m damage. that 2 damage in same boss. it's happen to me so many times and make me wonder what mechanic after this FM2 skill, because have shadow and dont have shadow after FM2 make this skill so different about the damage dealt. (sr about my bad english). im rewatching my video and on my calculation the first one: i dealt 220m per hit x3 and no shadow = 660m the second one i dealt 175m per hit because i forgot turn on power phase, x3 = 525m + 518m on shadow = 1B, see the differenent? @@ now imagine i have power phase on
  3. yes, i always hold down key when casting FM2 thou, took me time but i finally recorded it both are casting shadow call before FM2, but sometimes they have shadow, sometimes they dont. gear are the same, im not changing anything. another video but with same map.
  4. i wonder why the FM2 sometime does less damage and no shadow even already casting shadow V, example if FM2 have shadow it deal 400m per hit meaning 3 hit 1b2 and a shadow 600m = 1b8, sometimes they did only 100m per hit meaning only 300m and no shadow after
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