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  1. ah, it's happen sometime.. can't give a screen shoot cause it doesn't describe what happen so i'll explain it.. as i said before, i can't upgrade my skills.. have bunch of SP and the levels passed, but when i press the "+" button but nothing happen.. first, i think it's a connection problem, so to make it sure, i check the "modify skill level" box then, press the "-" button.. it work.. then i try to press the "+" button again, but still nothing happen.. the skill can be reduced but cant upgraded.. i've try some way like change channel, move to another hub, going to room, change the character even relog several lime without exit the game but doesn't work.. i need to re-open the game from the desktop to fix it.. well, still good to go but thats kinda annoying..
  2. it's a common problem.. i can't upgrade my skills.. first, i think this is about my internet connection but it's ok.. then i try to re open the game.. it work, but it's kinda annoying if i need to do this every time i got the same problem.. pls fix this..
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