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  1. It's my first time to participate in an event, playing for a week now. newplayer questions: 1. is the crafting limit for summer event items per account? or cant i craft the skillbook for each of my characters? 2. any recommendations on what i should craft first? i'm looking into crafting all the pets first. 3. will i have enough bugs to craft everything by the time the event ends? 4. why cant i enter the summer dungeon patrol difficutly and above? is it the same for everyone? only "recon" ? is it so that everybody gets the same amount of loots?
  2. Thanks everyone for these valuable information!
  3. I see, thanks. I decided to just remake a Violet. I think her playstyle doesnt seem unique/weird to me since she was the first character I've played. Thanks for the recommendations, and yea I have all characters except that i didnt turn them into SA yet. the quest is hard. I wanna look at guides but most seem outdated. I'll just play i guess, learn it myself
  4. I'm a new player and struggling what character to main, I've been searching and people always say yuri and J is garbage. but when i played them they didnt feel like garbage at all. And I keep seeing people say that "just choose what suits your playstyle", but also a lot of people say "if you're a begginner, use a character that isnt hard to play" etc.. Anyone here who mastered all characters and be able to provide infos on each of their pros and cons? Also I the very first time I played the game I chose Violet cuz she looked hot af. But I was still new and didnt know I
  5. Can someone who mains Tina show screenshots of their skills (passives and actives) to max.
  6. Newbie here. does this work for wildhunters too?
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