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  1. do you have any guide about boss pattern? i'm farming hunters night epic gear but always die a lot when fighting hoffman
  2. after talking to planar gate npc one by one, i need to talk to simon first then bona. complete the advanced laboratory quest first and then bearland quest from bona
  3. i want to unlock the amplify PNA, i already unlocked the special tab. the last quest i get from bona is repeatable quest (collecting gremory's note). i dont see the quest to unlock amplify tab. what is the name of quest?
  4. any tips to outrun the attack? i tried to run from the circle but it always follow me
  5. hello i want to ask about 3rd promotion -for 3rd promotion quest, i need to get ghost stone from nightmare world horror, terror. which one is the easiest to do? horror or terror? - do i need planar gear to clear this 3rd promotion quest? right now i use the gear from story quest dungeon.
  6. wow good job code closers team, i hope the official publisher won't try to do it again
  7. Thank you for your help, can you lock the thread?
  8. hello i just downloaded code closers and i encounter this error i try to fix it by using the CCPatcher and click diagnose, but nothing happens do i need to reinstall my client?
  9. Hello, new player here Not sure what about what i need to write here err... so just a new casual player here i hope i can get along with the community here and please for the publisher in EU, pls dont close this down like voidels and BSW 😶
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