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  1. So um, yea, the year's ending in my timezone.  It's 2020 here in my timezone

    Well, long time no see peeps.

    Looking back, when 2019 came I thought I was gonna start slowly preparing myself in life, but before I knew it I succumbed and went into games again as a form of escape, that is until that day happened and life punched me in the face back into reality, the world outside of the void is depressing and confusing and made me realised how ignorant I've been towards my surroundings irl.

    But nevermind about that since I will end up back into games again anyways, but I'm glad to have met everyone, it is nice knowing everyone, the memories made and jazz.

    Thank you for the place,the community that I could call home. It's not the perfect place, but it's still where I feel belonged.


    So once again,Happy New Year, thank you, I'm sorry and thank you again, for everything.

  2. Guess who lived, bitch.

    1. Bias Hacker 2

      Bias Hacker 2

      Not me cuz Tiamat's thorn walls tore my anus to shreds.

    2. Celery
  3. -Inactive till 11 Oct, please leave a message if you need something. I'll try to reply if I have the time to get on, however, I'm completely unable to log into C:C -

    1. ﹤Stay﹥


      good luck out there~
      come back to me soon e u e 

  4. Tina if you are new to the game, however IMO she gets boring after awhile
  5. Spoiler





  6. Gotta check out late game first yknow?
  7. Welcome to C:C, have a nice time here~ ((Ayyy kpop))
  8. Celery


    Welcome to C:C! Have a nice time!
  9. Welcome to C:C! Enjoy your stay here and hope we get along! The community is friendly and helpful, so make yourself at home!
  10. Welcome to C:C! Let's get along!
  11. Celery

    hi c:

    Welcome to C:C!~ Enjoy your stay!
  12. HI ANOTHER SINGAPOREAN HERE Welcome to C:C, enjoy forums and have a nice time here!!!
  13. Chill man, no ETA. Tina might be refusing to leave the fridge
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