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  1. Here you have a translation from CHQ discord server (I think it's the most reliable source if it comes to KR info). Tho I couldn't find any info about +17 being only available for BB eq.
  2. I'm waiting for 100% BB trans stones (it was an event feature once in KR, but it's going to be perma update there soon), QoH, Busan and enhancement system rework. Bonus - getting EME translations for Hunter's Night chapter 2. It's kinda hard to understand the story with ones we have now. Tho I'm not excited for gacha revamp. Like... I've heard a bit about it... and I prefer the old one.
  3. There was an event at KR server with 100% success BB trans stones and they're planning to make this a permament feature soon, so I think it's only a matter of time until we get it here.
  4. That's right, thank you for understanding
  5. That would be kinda unfair to people who are just beginning as I can't think of a prize that should be locked from them without giving them some kind of disadvantage later. What I meant was that the effort put on medium geared characters is not proportional to the time put into making those chars. Heavily geared chars have a difficulty that gives 3 prizes and you can finish it in a good time if you have a really good gear - and I'm speaking from perspective of 4.7m tcp Wolfgang main. But here's the problem - you don't get anything from having alts/chars with tcp lower than 4m. It doesn't matter, if you spent month or more gearing up, you either go fast route and get the same prize as even 20k tcp char with comparable time, solo pt difficulty for 3+ mins (with 2m tcp op tier char like J), pt up, which itself takes time and luck, or gather up with friends with a small drawback - you loose opportunity to use your op character on hard difficulty for some extra prizes on alts - and here also doesn't matter how strong your alts are, you can go on a weakling and you still get the same prize for being carried. My point is that there should be an extra dungeon difficulty - solo one, a bit easier than pt difficulty, with also 2 prizes for run. Rewarding players proportionally to their effort.
  6. I think the problem isn't about number of runs and more about sudden shift in difficulty. Yes, people with alts should put 15 times more effort to get the 15 times more prizes. But don't forget about amount of time people had to spend making those alts.It's no big deal to make a level 55 character to just enter easiest difficulty. 7 times 1 minute run and you get 7 prizes. The problem is, when you invested some time to gear up your alt and it has, let's say - 2m tcp. To get that much, you need to have a good pna, some event skill points invested, 3/3 puri 83, 3/3 basic a9 trinkets, at least +11 Valhalla mods 2/2 and and least t3 +12 puri core. That takes time. A lot of time. But those alts get the same prize, as freshly done 55 level ones. Why? Because doing medium/party difficulty takes 3-4 times easiest if solo and to do it in party... well, you need to gather a party and pray you meet a high geared character or won't get too many leechers. Or if you have highly geared friends and you're also one, you can carry each other alts... tho it doesn't give you runs as fast as that easiest either. Not really rewarding for spending time gearing up, isn't it? I think it would be good to create medium solo difficulty for people with chars like this. A difficulty that would be easily cleared by mediocre char - a capped but not op geared.
  7. You can craft them at Code:Fusion tab (tho it's only one daily). Other than that I think you can only buy it for bits in Bits Store or from other player on BM.
  8. Ye, ppl are mostly at end game. No to mention that with 9+1 channels it's hard to meet anyone outside endgame locations.
  9. About drop areas... it was already answered, so no need to add anything...
  10. yup, either skirmish or assault difficulty
  11. You get those for doing pg 75 raids (Bytess and Mephisto ones) and salvaging drops from those raids.
  12. So... I came here twice. First one was... I don't actually remember how I learned about Closers but it probably was on Void Elsword forum... or maybe when I heard about a game similar to Elsword that's going to have a global release but learned that there's a lot of waiting for it... I came here when C:C was few days old and I was really hyped about it. Tried Yuri... well, I didn't liked her so after some time I switched to Levia. Leveled her to 44 level, made a Harpy when she came and... ditched C:C. I was used to command based combat of Elsword so I thought it was similar to this in Closers, ignoring a lot bigger MP bar than it is on Elsword. Tried to return few times, but always returned to Elsword after few minutes. And my real coming here was when I saw Wolfgang's story trailer. It grabbed my heart. An almost albino guy (he may be blond but for me he'll always be part of "albinos I love" list), with a book and lack of enthusiasm about being Closer... Even without knowing how actually fun his personality is, I knew that I'd love his character. Not to mention, that his theme song "Inferno" is still one of my favourite songs of all time. So I thought that I should try Closers again, to prepare for his arrival in game and learn how actually play. So I returned and played Levia until he came here... tho had some breakes here and there, like returning to Void cuz a big update/event or giving EME server a chance - which it wasted. And about memorable things when I came here... free Saboli Maid parts for leveling char. Like it's the only thing I actually remember from the first coming here... and maybe Harpy pvp, tho I only remember trying it. From the second coming here I definitely remember making a Polish crew. A small one, which later partially migrated to EME server, but still it's something that have been influencing not only my time in Closers but also my life... wow, that sounded a bit cheesy.
  13. You just have to avoid using Serpent's Walz, Flash of Pain or Snake Signet rigth after Empowered State. I usually make sure I have enough phase power by using Fang Stab and/or Summon Familiar and/or Dragon of Salvation before returning to rotation. Except some situations when I panick and use Snake Signet right after Empowered State I get no more d/cs now.
  14. Hello and welcome~ Hope you'll have fun here~
  15. Welcome, good to see new ppl here~ Hope you'll have fun.
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