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  1. Annyeong~ Welcome to C:C~ Hope you'll have fun here~
  2. Przyjąć, przyjmiemy Pytanie, czy wytrzymasz, w dopiero rozwijającej się gildii
  3. CzarneOwce i ArualKneza#7146 Ogólnie dopiero wczoraj zaczęłam reaktywację, więc w pełni będzie można dołączyć od jutra. Zwłaszcza, że dość późno wyszłam z poprzedniej gildii. Z dobrych wieści, to nie startujemy od zera, bo mamy starą baze gildii na 4 lvlu, muszę ją tylko zabrać z alt konta.
  4. I'm from Poland And funny enough I'm going to reactivate an old Polish circle~ Więc możesz dołączyć, jakby co >.<
  5. Hello and welcome~ Hope you'll have fun at forums~
  6. Welcome to C:C~ Hope you'll have fun here~ And which char you should play... depends on your preferences: want easy - go for Seth, want to focus on story - choose someone from Black Lambs team (J is nice starting point I think), want strong and often recommended char... I think it's Harpy. For utilizing normal attacks - Violet, tho her gameplay is a bit quirky compared to other chars. Want to be a support - there are Tein (attack focused buffer) and Luna (defence focused buffer). But yea, everything depends on preferences.
  7. IRL is more important than playing... Good luck in settling things and hope to see you back~
  8. ArualKneza


    Welcome to C:C~ Hope you'll have fun~
  9. The buffs make him really self efficient while soloing and he op buffs the team (especially psi based one) while in pt. He got some op psi atk buff, psi/phys crit buff(this stat got a big buff), debuff for enemies, team healing i-frame skill... And maybe some more, I can't really remember right now. But it's really op, especialy as casting lances buffs him even more.
  10. If it comes to fasion for him it's pretty cheap I think. Or was as with BM as it is right now it's a bit hard to get anything for him... And as there are not many Tein mains it may be hard to buy a 6/6 or 10/10 for him... Tho I'm not sure, haven't tried buying any rare costume for him yet.
  11. Welcome to C:C~ As of the updates... we're still pretty ahead of EME server. Got almost all of the Task Force besides QoH. And we have BB area which they still don't have if I'm not wrong.
  12. Tein is nice char to sub-main. He's got useful buffs for the team, with incoming revamps he will become one of the strongest chars... also very fun to play.
  13. Hi~ Hope you have fun playing~
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