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  1. So.....Tiamat wep has a skill slot now `-`?? CUz like i see dat hammer in da skill slot...xplain plox
  2. Welcome to Code where your luck is tested to da extreme~
  3. it's already pretty late here Mrs.Violet :c.... keep yo promise gurd dammit!
  4. same thing happened to me, but i don't really care it's crap anyways `-`~ only care for them fibers-
  5. Bladeless

    Hello :)

    Nice xDDDDDDD~ u should join our circle >w>
  6. Bladeless

    Hello :)

    Welcome `3`......and try to be patient with this server :c...that's my only advice.
  7. most of my circle is in ch44 tiamat rooms they should really lower the amount of channels so it looks like the server is lively~
  8. Inb4 they come up with an excuse not to have an update again :^)....
  9. I log in for like 2mins and it kicks me out are u srs? And where the update at for today?
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