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  1. Plum soda gives more stamina tho...so its same
  2. General shop in any town...They changed it to "Plum Soda"
  3. Hiya and welcome to CC. I suggest u should join in cc discord for questions and carries
  4. Night Dance Butterfly is only available for Bai
  5. There's a journal in game settings...Its the story every sector so u can reread it again.
  6. Try to diagnose if that helps cause its pretty much okay for everyone
  7. CC is fully translated now...they're using NA translation so check it out
  8. download and install visual c++ redist 2010 x86 and x64
  9. not a bug...just a closers thing...still based on RNG
  10. Make sure you use CCPatcher.exe not CW.exe
  11. HenTats

    seth transfrom

    Lvl 10 feral release for transform
  12. currently server is in maintenance..but be sure u use CCpatcher not CW,exe
  13. Server is currently having constant downtime...wait for them to completely fix it
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