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  1. go to display settings and scale and layout, try to change the size to 100%
  2. XapMe

    PNA Upgrade

    if u have another PNA page, u should remove it there as well
  3. Its not a bug, u got the debuff when yod slams the ground. You can avoid it by doing a combat dodge in a right time, there's a plenty of video guides in youtube how to do it. Good luck
  4. Check your connection, try to use VPN if still it gives error, use mobile data
  5. if u have another PNA page, u should remove it there as well
  6. yes, just edit your post if u still got any problems
  7. XapMe


    U gonna wait for NA to get the characters for fully translated story/skills etc. then cc will get the translation. Mirae/Chulsoo are 100% playable tho, u can do raids, dailies etc. on them.
  8. Download and install DirectX
  9. download and install visual c++ redist 2010 x86 and x64
  10. Known bugged...wait for devs to fix it
  11. XapMe

    new person here

    for teamwork buff yes
  12. Plum soda gives more stamina tho...so its same
  13. General shop in any town...They changed it to "Plum Soda"
  14. Hiya and welcome to CC. I suggest u should join in cc discord for questions and carries
  15. Night Dance Butterfly is only available for Bai
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