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  1. I am not sure what to put for Bai PNA Page for each arrangement and not quite sure which puri 2/2 would be best for her?
  2. Random Human

    PNA page

    Thanks for all the replies R> lock, @Icarus, @Lan, @N I C O
  3. Random Human

    PNA page

    ^ title I am not sure what types of PNA to put on for selbui or which one is best for her
  4. Thanks for all replies I have it fixed R< lock @Icarus, @Lan, @N I C O
  5. I upgraded the skill to level 11 and still will not let me change to EX?
  6. I was using tina, all the other EX skills seem to work but sharpshooting
  7. ^ Is just me or is this happing to anyone else
  8. oh I see... thanks for you help!
  9. I see, if you don't mind if I ask another question is hollow gear good for going aganist david or irina raids?
  10. Title^ Which one is better for tina? I forgot to add should I have jester gear or the hollow gear?
  11. Hi I am new the forms I hope we can be good friends
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