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  1. It's been a while since I've played this game after leaving for such a long duration. Hope to see people I knew from the past here and pleased to meet new people! I'll see you in-game!
  2. Just because your internet connection is stable it doesn't mean that FPS can't cut the stream due to FPS lag. However, I don't think it has to do with the game files.. I will try to look for another solution.
  3. Make sure you don't alt-tab while the game is loading. Also make sure that your game is at full screen, that might help. The cause of this problem can be that you get FPS lag while loading so the internet loses the connection stream to the game.
  4. Please read the technical FAQ before posting a topic, it might have your answer!
  5. [Changelog 2/25/2017]• Updated FAQ to match Code: Closers Patch - Queen of Hearts _______________________Please don't misunderstand this as a way to farm posts, this is basically a notice to inform everyone that there are new questions and answers, and they might find their answer here.
  6. The process might not be even detected and the cause might be your computer. However, try to format your computer and try opening the game again. If you don't want that, you can scan your computer and reinstall DirectX and .NET Framework for insurance. You might also want to update your Graphics Card Driver, that can be the cause too.
  7. @Icarus R>Lock since it got fixed.
  8. Was the game working fine before so? If no, try reinstalling. If yes, try closer any other third-party programs that doesn't have to do or has to do with Closers, that includes your anti-virus and firewall. Dump files are more considered as crash logs, so basically your game crashes, try not to Alt-Tab while it's loading if you do that. Diagnosing after re-installing/updating .NET framework and DirectX may be advised. If all of that doesn't help... try reinstalling....
  9. I guess you mean your opponent doesn't flinch, the cause is not lag, that's the skill system or PvP system here, you will get used to it I guess, however I'm here not experiencing lag at all, I'm pretty fine with the game how it is right now, however if it's really "lag" then the cause might be distance or FPS lag.
  10. Please check the technical FAQ before posting topics, it might have the answer you're looking for! R>Lock @Icarus
  11. Welcome to Code:Closers, Agent Smortix. Hope you have the fun you came here for.
  12. Wazz

    Hey there!

    Welcome to Code:Closers, Agent Miso soup. I hope you have the fun you came here for.
  13. Wazz


    Welcome to Code:Closers, Agent Dab/Ley. I hope you have the fun you came here for. If you're still confused with something, the technical FAQ might help you with many stuff.
  14. Wazz


    Welcome to Code:Closers, Agent Fate. I hope you have the fun you came here for. Your inability to accept circle invitations is probably because they are not inviting you while you both are in the same channel and in front of each other. However, I believe that got fixed but it's better to make sure.
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