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  1. it does drop in tiamat raid, but its a low chance even with the "custom rate" this server has, if u honestly cant get them to drop / buy them, then i guess "its worth it". For now until further endgame gear comes, to c:c.
  2. welcome to the ded part of town, enjoy your short long stay.
  3. Shes not even released on this server yet.
  4. Kuu

    its a bug?

    thats no bug, thats how officials put it inside the game lol someone made a post about that awhile back as well.
  5. Well i was talking more on end like the rare items(eg: irinia, meph wings etc) not tthe materials it self those would inflate greatly, yes bots exist mostly on official servers of closers tho, tho its up to EmE what theyre going do about the stam, they could go two ways by using the official system from kr by login rewards, pvp etc. or do it the jp / C:C way by buyiing pots, sure it would influnce the greater value of the "Hardcore farmers" but the con is everyone would have that "rare" item if taking by suprise and making the farming less value" if were talking about maybe the beginng of the release of the server.
  6. IND doesnt, pretty sure last time i checked as you said it limits the players, and prevent botting. For "some" players it seems too stressful play a mmo with unlimited stam and end game, haaving it in NA is a hard descion right looking at the thread some want it (the newbies and some c:c members and some others) and some arent ( kr ets etc), i personally it ruins the eco in a way that you can gain so many materials and sell it over and over crashing the eco and making the prices ridclous as it so seems on this ps for many reasons wwhy i might not play this server anymore. this eco was pretty ruined tbh, by the unlimited stamnia system, tho opinions vairey.
  7. 1. somewhat ye, ingame currency is credits, load up "Cash" = bits. 2. if you speed through, possibly 2-5 hours, roughly if u take ur time couple days if ur patient. 3. Imo, yes you would miss out on sp books, sp is basically you use it to lvl up ur skills its similar to the OLD elsword skill three. enjoy your time.
  8. Ye me and dolce the fag boy are going try it out NA for a bit and see how it is, currently disscusing stuff with others on their forums seems way more "open and active" which is resonable ppl like to support offcial over PS for many reasons, wish code did way more log in rewards, like officials do but its alright i guess.
  9. From what ive read about EmE (from another topic on here) they like to "seperate teams / chars" so im assuming this is an example of what they meant, putting all black lambs first tthen wolf dogs later on (maybe not violet / tina included in that group "yet"), sure it might not kill the server entirely, but it will take a good chunk of players, from here.
  10. its been up due to the fact they used INDs server base, they most likely are just using google translate to translate this stuff could be wrong tho. Its been up since feburary, and for the playerbase.. its kinda dying due to the fact NA official server is around just got announced rip C:C2k17 tho i hear the discord is waymore active than the forums.
  11. heard that els server just went into some sort of crisis or something, either way gl finding a main Nata might be a good char to check out, if you liked Add, theyre somewhat similar.
  12. C:C lacks population, compared to officials so if you want a higher environment for early and endgame go play KR or you can wait for NA's release. Other than that Shuu, really explained everything besides the gacha and item mall is cheaper than officials making it less "payment wall" i guess either way welcome.
  13. amplified or an enhanced chip = platinum slot sadly you would have to re-slot ur core if u wanted to use the yellow amp chip.
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