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  1. Where can i get 2020 coin? Or is it not yet until january?
  2. U mean the one craft using red alchemy tube thingy?
  3. Which hell? Is it normal drop or rare drop like hell module?
  4. It says dismantling shield in contaminate phase, what does that mean? Since i never got shield drop b4, i try dismantling puri ops gear but didnt get it either
  5. Which quest? I dont have anymore quest in night hunter
  6. Which quest i have to do since there's no mark in every sector
  7. Ah thx. Turns out theres still some quest i didnt see till now.
  8. I already unlock it with my seth. But when i playing other char the quest is not available and i kinda forgot how do i unlock it when im using seth either
  9. Oh sorry. I guess i must have missed it thx for the reply
  10. Ever since cc change the weekly into monthly, it hasnt reset at all Does that mean we can only get daily reward?
  11. Since there isnt many ppl responding bm forum, i thought there might be discord forum where ppl buy n sell stuff that has more activity than in here. Is there any or its just not many ppl selling only buying?
  12. I try playing in 2 pc but both of them always saying missing d3dx9_43.dll how do i fix this
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