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  1. Yea,you're right. I will practice Bai a lot more cuz she is really fun to play. 😂 Thanks guys for helping me. ^^
  2. I ve been maining Levia last year but then Bai came and I kinda like her but she feels kinda weird. Its hard for me to stay in air with her. ( I might be just bad xd ) Should I drop Levia for Bai? Like is it worth it?
  3. I love them both but I need only 1 serious main. Which is better pick? (PvE wise)
  4. Angaroth

    Levia Revamp

    Oh,Thank you! ^^
  5. Angaroth

    Levia Revamp

    Ummm,so what is new/changed?
  6. So,I played both Seulbi and Levia. And Seulbi is better. (for me) Can you help me again guys?
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