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  1. That infinite way to get fiber sounds good for me. I'll try it out. Thanks Btw do you know which costume/accessory should I upgrade to 2* (currently I'm doing accessory for 30 advanced fiber) for the most profits?
  2. So just curious since I've seen many with 6/6 BoD already and I still stuck with only 2 3* costume pcs. Is there any way that I can farm these fast? Don't wanna miss the 100% rate boost week Only know running HoD or dismantling costumes/accessories for the fibers...
  3. Depending on what type of a character you want to play. Harpy is kinda of an acrobat flying and kicking around. If you prefer fancy skill sets chara then she's isn't your character then = )
  4. Erm...learn Boss attack pattern, try to dodge as much as possible, stack HP for easier life, use Force Cancel and Quick Evasion wisely, don't hesitate to use pots,...I guess? Or you can just farm at the lower stage for better equipments then try stage 9, 10 when you have more dps. You can easily farm these stage with 25k dps or more I believe.
  5. It's limited up to 5 deaths/run so try not to die too much lol Well as I'm playing Harpy (problably the weakest char right now) and only have like 20k dps I can say it's not that hard to solo clear f10 if you run carefully thou.
  6. Okey that makes sense. Thanks for all replies
  7. So just like the title I don't have Tiamat in the Area Traveling despite I'm already lv 68 and finished up to Airport. Is it a bug or do I have to do anything to unlock Tiamat area ?
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