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  1. there's no way we can transfer tunes from one effect accessory to another
  2. the lower the base cooldown, the lower its reduction is. also, i forgot to tell you that some chars have skills that have fixed cooldown, like misteltein's lance auras, seha's burst, etc
  3. the cooldowns aren't useless and they work as usual. the effective limit is 40% but it can still be exceeded because we have some buffs in this game that reduces skill cooldown, like some pet buffs
  4. What if the crafting material has the credit costs from the raw material from event rather than the event crafts added instead so that the economy behind the event crafts will rely solely on the material count requirement rather than the padded credits along with it.
  5. The item works as usual as a preservative in transcending manually. It's just that it has an untradeable property that makes it not qualified as a crafting requirement for 100% transcend stones
  6. I think staff should make TCP fears on this one, like 99,999,999 TCP so that they're informed that this is a "challenging" one. And ye, it's supposed to be an extra challenge for people who are dedicated/highly geared to get a separate material for a different crafting tab
  7. 1. you get 3 kinds of story you may need to know about the game right away 2. you get different playstyle tastes in each agent of the team 3. you'll get a headstart in Team Challenge when you get into endgame
  8. I suggest you pick 1 for each team
  9. Is that for awakened or not? If it's for non-awakened version, that'd be bits requirement. you need 6 bits for the lvl 2 enhanced electric storm and 9 bits for the lvl 3 enhanced electric storm. for awakened version, the cube doesn't work at all.
  10. it's saturday on week 2 and it doesn't reset still
  11. Update: today is monday and it still doesn't reset
  12. I crafted all the mission drives yesterday at around 7:00 or 9:00 pm GMT +8. Reset happened this Sunday and the crafts didn't reset on my side until now. IGN: ChrisLeFist
  13. ... IRL shit gets settled maybe next year or less (inb4 just a few days right away LUL 4Head) I don't speak much in the forums besides suggestions and feedback and I played pretty quietly after getting my event items up for preparation for a comeback maybe, and my debts paid from my credit lender, @Shuu . It's pretty sad for myself that I haven't even made a J guide after all my promises I made in the Discord Server about it, mostly because I'm more fond of answering questions about the character rather than making comprehensive guides about the agents I main. Special thanks to @caetho, @[FO] Wolfgang, @Keishi and other peeps there for being crazy with my tendencies in Closers. I'll still be talking sometimes in the Discord server but not as much as I do before so yea.
  14. if it's from the reward, it's temporary (3 days) if it's from CODE:Fusion, it's permanent
  15. the #5 is either dark zenith or nightfall, whichever translation is given, and sadly i don't have the full screenshots for the sets. other peeps might help you to that though
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