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  1. the #5 is either dark zenith or nightfall, whichever translation is given, and sadly i don't have the full screenshots for the sets. other peeps might help you to that though
  2. you're required to link your forum account to the staff using your discord account in order to give the agent role, that gives you access to most of the channels the CC discord has, including black market
  3. I can only see enhancement increase to +17 being rejected at this point
  4. Speaking of custom content, it's better to make it bit by bit rather than attempt a one time big time shit like the previous admin attempted. I'm also gunna wish, while at it, for +1 boosters for cheap in the future events rather than instant +13 or +14 booster fuels so that actually attempting enhancements gets retained
  5. I recommend to you Soma, an easy to use, slow but strong, large breasted artificial Closer
  6. they removed the end-game hell modules that are supposed to be obtained as an ultra rare drop in purification: hell or purification: overflood dungeons because aside from them being bankshared, it also will have a potential of denying the whole demand for hell module itself
  7. They are separate until Hunter's Night
  8. private servers don't usually compensate with the losses in the midst of development. delivering the next update with minimum bugs/problems would be a sufficient compensation for us and that will be the usual thing here unless this server gets more staff that will take care of the needed stuff to accomplish here
  9. I've been thinking of having +11, +12, +13, +14 and +15 one shot booster crafts in a while for a suggestion but I don't know what exactly would be required for each booster and whether those be untradeable, personal trade only, black market only or something
  10. I hope the rewards will be worth the difficulty and struggle the event dungeon gives, whether drop or craft wise unlike the previous event dungeon the above video shown.
  11. We don't know when it starts but it usually ends 2-6 weeks after starting the event, depending on how they develop it.
  12. It's an ultra rare drop in Purification: Hell and Purification: Overflood dungeons
  13. 1. If you haven't invested a lot (or at all) in NA server and you're not a pvp main player, then BIG YES, more worth it 2. The staff may or may not admit but this server is based on the mix of Closers CN and NA. 3. NA server got their fatigue system abolished while KR server got theirs intact and existent. Code Closers got the fatigue system but at the same time it's negligible because the general shop comes with stamina potions that's purchaseable for as cheap as 25k credits. 4. Not anytime soon afaik
  14. Besides, the game is soloable until the near-endgame phases so just persevere the early and midgame
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