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  1. The crafting requirements are the same here but material gathering is easier since you can funnel some of them through your characters in the account unlike in the official servers where those are restricted. Enhancement is much easier to do here since fuels are more accessible here through crafting in CODE: Fusion and chipping is much easier to build up because of easier access to chips through order store.
  2. I see. The lack of tooltip made me think it gives all of them lol
  3. I recently got this reward and it tells me that i get both agate fragments and origin agate but... This box gave me this instead is this intentional (random between the two) or is this perhaps a bug?
  4. Wait, on her FM3's master cube, does that include the FM3 itself?
  5. Is it intentional that the pieces of cakes from the event box don't stack with the ones given out from biweekly/daily log-in rewards?
  6. Pro: High HP, No MP needed, cool and strong combos, cheap costumes, strong pvp game (considered an anti-meta until now cuz he's the "grappler" archetype) Con: Low true damage, requires more effort than other agents to get good speedruns in pve Pro: Great support skills (best paired with hybrid agents in parties), very high burst potential, one of the underrated top tiers in pvp in this server cuz of him being the real zoner Con: Gay costumes, most underplayed character in the game for the same reason, cooldown problems may occur because of his almost instant skill times on most of his s
  7. Misteltein can do all of these better than what she can offer, other than having homing attacks.
  8. get mission drives from order store or black market to get area report reward in purification for more transcendent dusts
  9. I've been ranting on discord some time about the mechanics of this dungeon but I'm gunna wait and see more of these for 1 week in order for me to give constructive criticism for the dungeon itself. As for the crafts, I believe the material cost for all the new pna strain boxes should be reduced, especially the low and mid tier ones. I'm gunna suggest certain crafting ideas along on my thread about this soon.
  10. IMO Wolfgang is never non-viable after the bug fixes he received from long time ago in this server. He just requires more effort and skill for him to get the same damage Bai can do with less effort but it doesn't mean he is bad.
  11. Can't tell the problem about the pixelated images but in the item mall, i'm pretty sure the item mall doesn't support game resolutions smaller than 1920x1080 (1080p)
  12. RIP players playing in net cafe's with a single public ip address i guess
  13. You can start believing in one because 100% f2p players actually exist in this server and some of them, including myself, actually went into the rankings, whether previously or currently.
  14. there's no way we can transfer tunes from one effect accessory to another
  15. the lower the base cooldown, the lower its reduction is. also, i forgot to tell you that some chars have skills that have fixed cooldown, like misteltein's lance auras, seha's burst, etc
  16. the cooldowns aren't useless and they work as usual. the effective limit is 40% but it can still be exceeded because we have some buffs in this game that reduces skill cooldown, like some pet buffs
  17. What if the crafting material has the credit costs from the raw material from event rather than the event crafts added instead so that the economy behind the event crafts will rely solely on the material count requirement rather than the padded credits along with it.
  18. The item works as usual as a preservative in transcending manually. It's just that it has an untradeable property that makes it not qualified as a crafting requirement for 100% transcend stones
  19. I think staff should make TCP fears on this one, like 99,999,999 TCP so that they're informed that this is a "challenging" one. And ye, it's supposed to be an extra challenge for people who are dedicated/highly geared to get a separate material for a different crafting tab
  20. 1. you get 3 kinds of story you may need to know about the game right away 2. you get different playstyle tastes in each agent of the team 3. you'll get a headstart in Team Challenge when you get into endgame
  21. I suggest you pick 1 for each team
  22. Is that for awakened or not? If it's for non-awakened version, that'd be bits requirement. you need 6 bits for the lvl 2 enhanced electric storm and 9 bits for the lvl 3 enhanced electric storm. for awakened version, the cube doesn't work at all.
  23. it's saturday on week 2 and it doesn't reset still
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