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  1. Dizzy

    congratulation to Field Officer 462075741786472479.png?v=1

    1. Moe


      Thank you very much.
      I'll do my best for our community.


  2. Moe

    Old Dragon's Power

    Chat command for dragonian emote is bugged. You can only use the emote via skill slot.
  3. Moe

    hell overflow

    Hope this help
  4. Make sure that your connection is stable.
  5. Moe


    you can simply download CODE:Closers client here https://codeclosers.to/download.code
  6. Moe

    Game login

    @Wendy101 your game account isn't same with your forrum account. please visit our official website here and try log in there https://codeclosers.to/
  7. Seth : Awoo Me : What a noisy animal..
  8. Welcome back and enjoy your stay!
  9. Welcome back to CODE: Closers! Hope you enjoy your stay here ♥
  10. Moe

    Bug system

    Have you try to relogin yet?
  11. Hello and Welcome to CODE:Closers agent Saribi! Enjoy your stay
  12. Server is currently experiencing unschedule downtime. Please be patient until there's a fix.
  13. SA costumes from CODE:Fusion isn't upgradeable. Not a bug, it's working as intended.
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