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  1. SA costumes from CODE:Fusion isn't upgradeable. Not a bug, it's working as intended.
  2. Hello and welcome to CODE: Closers! Enjoy your stay here.
  3. Please do not necro the thread! A thread that hasn't been replied within 2 weeks is considered dead. I'll locking this up!
  4. Welcome to CODE:Closers! Have fun and enjoy your stay!
  5. Welcome to CODE:Closers! If you have any question please do not hesitate to ask! Have fun and enjoy your stay.
  6. A revamp for leveling box is good idea im totally down for it, but it would be nice if you can be spesific what kind of items you want to add on those boxes. imo it would be helpful for our Dev in considering your wishlist.
  7. Yes i'm pretty sure they will back too when the update come. I'm agree! Since i missed with them too. It would be nice if we have them in rotation (or cash shop) again. Fail merge never promising orz..
  8. Moe

    Hey Everyone

    Having forums as a place for discussion is much better than discord, since it accessible for everyone and we can make forums more active than before.imo also im not Lumi's founder ;_;
  9. Welcome to team CODE:Closers CM Bai! I'm looking forward to working together with you! I loves food too, it calm me everytime im in a badmood.
  10. My wishlist : An active Circle Costume/Fashion That's all i guess.. More costume set on Cash shop plox
  11. Moe

    Hey Everyone

    I hope you enjoy learning new stuff with Gitae and please do not overworking and have enough rest if needed.
  12. I've changed my name into Moe right now but i'm still the same person. Moe is the IGN of my Luna, so if you meet her in-game please say hello.

  13. Moe

    Hey Everyone

    Welcome to team CODE:Closers Soma! I'm looking forward to you to make a big change to this game.
  14. Hmm.. that's weird. the server is working fine to me.
  15. Moe

    Servers down?

    server is working fine.
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