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  1. N I C O

    Unsure Please Help

    have you check your mail ?
  2. N I C O

    My game won't open

    Have you try to reinstall your client yet ?
  3. N I C O

    graphic bug

    Can you be more specific ? if possible please insert the screenshot when the bug occurs. It would help a lot to find out what bugs you are experiencing.
  4. N I C O

    Hello hello!

    Hello and Welcome to CODE:Closers. answering your questions. to do in the endgame : doing daily dungeon runs which gives you materials for endgear. current endgame : Purification at Plane Gate : Deep and Wolfgang Program at Hunter night area. Zenith cube : it's only contains zenith accesories. it doesn't matter what character did you use to open it. Any accesories is accessible for all character. except Special Operative accesories. to do with friends : im mostly agree with Rulebook. permanent Special Operative costume : you can craft it through npc craft in any area. fyi Special Operative costume isn't upgradeable. I hope you enjoy your stay!
  5. N I C O

    Bai Receiver

    moved the thread to correct section. Bai's receiver is air strike for endgame gears.
  6. N I C O

    question about Soma

    i'd say ill go for halphas 2/2 for indra's lightning. and for special pna im prefer raw, chase and back/air (optional).
  7. N I C O

    BoD trade to ZW acce

    Yes most people are looking for BOD for their WH character. it's worth to trade zw for bod due to their rarity. You can't get the bod acc neither from gacha nor code foundation imo.
  8. moved the thread to correct section. About winter costume, it's written on description "this package is not available for Wolfgang, Luna, Soma, and Bai". (you can see it when you are in BL or WD character) So, you can't use it on Luna.
  9. N I C O

    Anyone up for some leveling?

    Do not double post, use "edit" button instead to edit your previous post.
  10. N I C O


    Have you try to redownloading your directX ?
  11. N I C O

    Soma Dark Zenith

    Basically this. They will add the special features later.
  12. N I C O

    Down time?

    Server is back online now!
  13. N I C O

    [Official] Contest Discussion Thread

    Yes. You are allowed to rejoin again, but for current edition only, due to special xmas.
  14. N I C O

    Missing Dark Zenith Wings bug? Christmas Event

    I'm assume that wings you've seen is mini version not original version. We just released dark zenith wing (mini) from previous Halloween event. There is no dark zenith wings on current Dark zenith costumes cube.
  15. N I C O

    [Official] Contest Discussion Thread

    Feel free to pick one of them. Which one do you think would fit the most with your concept. you choose ~