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  1. Hello, There is annoying noise( pretty much it is from Cybernetics pose in town) whenever my Bai using the Dark Spirit of the War Deity: Bai costume. The noise appeared when i entered dungeon, character selection, changing towns, unequip/equipping the costume. Please equip it yourself and test to fix it. Thank you very much
  2. IGN: BobBai Trick or treat~~ welcome to the haunted theatre
  3. u should check this thread before crafting any costume in dis event to see which Seth have
  4. just go to NPC shop in town to buy stamina pot for 25k/ea
  5. better join discord server because we are not on forums much. Welcome to C:C tho. like this guy said, we are pretty much ded on forums so if u need to ask or chat then better join the discord server
  6. he stil can log in discord on phone anytime to chase Lulna
  7. welcome back to C:C. dw we are still friendly *ihope*
  8. Horsey


    welcome to c:C. feel free to join our discord server to chat with more people
  9. welcome. its a new game and u will start again with alot progressions but need any helps just try to check forums for character guides(kinda outdated but at least u know what they will be) and join discord server to chat and ask people
  10. welcome back. if u havent joined the discord server then feel free to join and chat with us https://codeclosers.to/forums/index.php?/topic/2601-official-discord-welcome/
  11. welcome to C:C. feel free to look for character guides in forums. they are pretty much outdated but at least u knew how they are doing in game. might wanna check youtube too. dont forget to join discord server . cya
  12. welcome back to C:C then. u can try to look for character guides on forums. they are pretty much outdated but at least you knew their specialties. If u have any questions or want to chat with more people then join our discord server. we are more active there so u will get responses faster.
  13. welcome to C:C. if u have any questions and chat with people than i suggest joining our discord server feel free to check out character guides on forums to know char's speciality so u can move on
  14. Welcome to C:C. enjoy ur stay. u might want to check character guide in our forums (Note: it might not be up to dated but at least u could know what are they gonna do) better join our discord server to know more about characters and chat with people since we are more active there. cya around https://codeclosers.to/forums/index.php?/topic/2601-official-discord-welcome/
  15. welcome back to C:C then. feel free to join our discord server since u can chat more there
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