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    fk me 200$ gacha update not even 1 rare set acc :^)
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  1. Horsey


    u should join our discord server to discuss about it easier. its like Purification. get ur gears through Beelzbub bosses in Dream theatre Reverse. and craft stone in the machine to tier up just like puri.
  2. yea private servers usually dont have those kind of things. its from official servers :^)
  3. if u want to chat more then join our discord server :^)
  4. still need extreme then move on to Puri gears
  5. ok i dont think i have received this. prob its another bug after the maintenance just now @Harpy@Bai
  6. no 4/4 Dragonian in code foundation is the pain. man 150$ gacha not even 1 acc
  7. @Harpy @Bai can we craft 4/4 dragonian with absolute code? cuz i dont see any information mentioning that. tks owo/
  8. event only delaying the content update lul. they will prepare events after this update
  9. well then she will def have it because Official agent is about few weeks later
  10. oh well lets hope that it will happen in this week so we will have 1 week to αΊΉnjoy the update before working week
  11. hope too. next next week = my new semester gonna start. rip
  12. well did u remember the adjust happened before or after official agent because we will be getting update up to Official Agent
  13. i know that official agent can be used to sync and dismantle and Base costume cant. the special agent also not upgradeable
  14. Each char has its own way to make the boss die with him/her Bursting David And then we have Seha the team killer Dont worry Seha has his coolness when killing the boss too :^) It was fun to fight tiamat as Nata
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