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  1. Lag mostly. happens in dungeons too.
  2. Im just gonna answer the number 3 for you because Rulebook and Freir said enough for the 1 and 2. You might want to craft the Perfect PNA Evolution Kit when you're going to enhanced your PNAs (when you get there). It'll save you a lot of mats and credits by using this.
  3. You can get it in Grem dungeons too, with a low ass drop rate ofc.
  4. Oh no.. No more ped-- I-I mean J chasing some Luna pics for a while. Anyways good luck on something you're working on atm and hope to see you around again.
  5. you can get the Surprise box in PG Blue and Red gates only. also you the crafting bot is in PG besides Selin/Celine Bank. PS: your caps lock is broken :topkek:
  6. I love your guide especially the Gameplay and Tips and Tricks section! I will definitely play her when her TF comes to us.
  7. Yuri Harpy is the best one out of these choices. She's easy to play and fun. + she's one of the best girls.
  8. It's on the achievement, you need to claim it and open the box.
  9. Character : Yuri Dungeon : Mist Fields Average Time : 30~40 seconds Details: You might want to up your Attack Speed and Movement Speed for this one. Clear the mobs using Superspeed Assault and Suppression Fire (Enhanced). Move around using Shift and Supersonic Slash. And when you go to the red barrier before the boss, Immediately use FM4 to instant kill the boss.
  10. Seirene

    Hi people

    CONGRATULATIONS! wait so youre Soushi and Shuusei
  11. Congrats on being an FO! You really deserve the spot!
  12. Welp there's 15 characters in Closers atm, so you have 1/15 chance of getting a specific core for a character XD. The drop rate itself doesn't increase the chance of you getting the right core for you character. I myself farmed for at least 3 weeks for my Harpy core so its totally RNG.
  13. So you're looking for Yuri's Puri Core or Tina's? If its the for Yuri then you're just unlucky XD, its totally random.
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