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  1. I can only provide the Yuri one for Nightfall Im using the HK stance tho XD for your question about the Rare Set names.. 1. SoD (Splendor of Darkness). BoD (Brilliance of Darkness) , Dark Command 2. CN (Cybernetics) 3. ZW (Zenith Wings) or just Zenith 4. Dragonian/Draconian 5. NF (Nightfall), DZW (Dark Zenith Wings)
  2. there's an event where you can craft the 100% trans rate stone using Stone Preservatives. iirc they're planning on putting it there permanently.
  3. 100% Trans Rate Stones Queen of Hearts TF (so my seth can destroy more dungeons) Balance of Awakening Skills Removal of D and C from Tuning pool (especially now that VVIP is somewhat "nerfed") and there's one more thing the Loli Boss Portraits!
  4. Seirene

    Awakened skills?

    Get the following items: Purification Core for Awakened Cross Slash Tindalos 3/3 Shield (Trinket) for Awakened Supersonic Slash Halphas 2/2 Shield (Trinket) for Awakened Lightning Fast If you don't know what it looks like.. Purple = Tindalos Green = Halphas Ignore the [Beast] part, Im using Seth atm
  5. I dunno if its just a visual bug or anything but I think the 300% rate on Item/Drop Rate is bugged atm. It doesn't add up on the stats whereas the other two are there.
  6. Oooh hallo! Welcome and congratulations on being a CM!
  7. I didn't know that you have to time Bend Rose for that semi exceed lol. So thats why im not triggering it haha I always hold it for full damage. Thanks for that info.
  8. iirc its SA seulbi first THEN they add Tina.. and its A7 (Airspace) (lvl 77 cap). A8 (lvl 80 cap) is the Temporary HQ where you can get Raid Irina/David.
  9. ^ basically this. In terms of actual "fun" to play.. Levia and Yuri for me. and Harpy.
  10. Here's a really good fanart for SoD Violet Please for the love of God above make it happen Naddic!
  11. Its for quest (Costume upgrade/dismantle tutorial). you can't put it on.
  12. Everybody would love they say? On a serious note, it will probably Tina and/or SA Seulbi. not sure about PG75 tho. BUT PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF DIMENSIONALS! CAN WE ATLEAST GET THE COMBINED PASSIVES! #YuriProblemsThoThanksToIrinaEventIdontActuallyNeedItNow.
  13. You mean Hecadankteres? one of the bosses in G fucking Tower? If so.. that place is hella bugged (dunno if its really bug) even in KR. you'll get FPS drop even when not alt-tabbing. I hate that place. btw can you post your specs here? maybe its because of low end hardware on your side.
  14. Do not alt tab. This game has some serious memory leaking. Best thing to do when youre experiencing FPS drop is to restart the client.
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