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  1. I was burned out of Closers after the Winter event but this patch really ignited my passion for the game once again. You guys really outdid yourselves on this patch. Mad respect, thanks my dudes.
  2. im looking forward to the monthly reset so I can get my +14 booster
  3. dunno why this thread exists, this topic was already covered multiple times on other threads.
  4. you can "hi nice to meet" my god damn fist as I bash you across the jaw with it
  5. unlike u, u fkn degenerate 2DitchBai the NoName Guy
  6. How about you make some money before you talk about your lunch money, deadass broke.
  7. Considering my last few guides got locked up which didn't allow me to edit them. So before the changed policy I ported over all information over that was in those guides and touched up on it a little bit for the latest patch. I decided to put it all on a Google Doc file instead, so I can present you now once again- The Guide to Levia
  8. i don't recall TCP being a race, but okay
  9. Might be a good idea to list which item ID it is in the database and put a note for future reference.
  10. I wasn't actually addressing you directly with this one, I don't assume you know what bosses have what properties as you have not invested yourself in this game to that degree. Those who give you feedback on what bosses to implement do. This is more so directed at those who advise you on what to put into a dungeon for future events. While having an original boss is alright I'd consider a more mechanically intense boss and whether it allows itself to function within those dungeons in the first place. I'm looking more towards Irina/David, Purification Bosses, Tiamat, Beelzebub Bosses like Muska. Perhaps even the Team Challenge Bosses or Misook as others require more area to function or interact with the map itself which would create more issues if you wish to port them over to other maps etc. Perhaps have a combination of 2 of those bosses and see how those interact with one another on the test server.
  11. The encounter on Assault isn't difficult, it's randomly unforgiving. You shatter his armor and juggle him but if you do a wrong move and he gets to use pulse cannon you cannot i-frame in time to dodge it. Aside from that the dungeon is just a jugglefest that can only be failed if you use a wrong skill that doesn't make him fall to the ground in order to be restanded. He has a Force Cancel but you can generally get away from it, unless he of course, uses point blank, FM3 or Pulse Cannon. It's not even a "get used to it" scenario there's no real telegraph of him using anything unless you're already i-framed, which kind of defeats the purpose of it all. Predict and juggle, or die, those are your options. Again, when you juggle him non stop the dungeon is a piss-take for anyone. Already mentioned by many others that the Credit sink is unbearable for most players, extremely unfriendly towards new players and returning players, the income that you make is not enough to sustain it and since everyone is suffering tremendous loss. You either load up PGC to sell for credits, which is going to be difficult unless a well established trader goes for it or you are forced to straight up grind instances to scrape together a pathetic amount of credits that is easily eclipsed by the Event's cost per day. You have to be absolutely insane to even try and keep up with it. Soma has commented though that this Credit sink is designed to offset Credit injection due to exploitation of game mechanics to basically infinitely print money. Everyone pays the price, everyone is now broke. I'm beating a dead horse I know, but my thoughts on this event is, it's a failure. A failure because of limited resource crafting while having infinite boxes, failure on pricing of items which was already addressed by Soma and the dungeon's difficulty isn't because the fight is mechanically engaging, it's about how good you are at restanding enemies. All in all, it repeated what the Summer Event did. but at least Summer Event had an interesting dungeon to go through, albeit short. Since the credit issue has been resolved I hope the next event won't be a complete traffic accident.
  12. Seth is strongest character in PvE Luna is strongest character in PvP Also Nata is not weak in PvE right now, he's SS tier now due to his rework in current patch. Neither is Harpy, she only looks weak because most people are bad at her.
  13. err. the main reason why it stays grayed out is because some skills lower cooldown of dash and burst, when the cooldown reaches a certain timer it lets the server know your skill is ready to be used but if you use a skill at the wrong time the timer and cooldown reduction overlap causing it to never go off cooldown. players with higher ping just have it more likely since there is a delayed response to the server so it's more likely to bug out
  14. 1. Make PG75, Athena and Refit Skyship from the multiple new player event equipment boxes and and use either SA Card or Force/Cross/Psych Disaster Necklace V. Use that to progress through Purification to get Puri Shields and Hunter's Night Transcendable Shields and then proceed into Hell/OF. 2. Yes, because it grants that to all characters on your account. It's usable to farm future events which allow multiple characters to be used on a single dungeon like Summer Event. Additional runs is additional resources which makes it so that it pays back its value in full in the long run. Be sure to use it with caution though. Another thing you want from the event is Maple Syrup as it stacks with Luck Stabilizer and it's bankshareable, it being 20 crafts per character allows you to make 300 Maple Syrup in total if you have 15 characters. 3. Perfect PNA Evolution Kit, Quality Insurance Seal and Enhancement Fortifiers are very useful to have, though Enhancement Fortifiers will soon be obsolete if the new content gets released which overhauls the enhancement system. Perfect PNA Evolution Kit is mainly for Gremory PNA to cut cost on upgrading as Gremory is a daily lockout where as the crafting of this PNA Evolution Kit does not have a daily limit making it farmable. This cuts cost on future resources and allows for more Grem PNA upgrades daily, allowing you to finish PNA faster which is part of your core end-game build. Quality Insurance Seals are generally used to transfer items over that can be sold on the Black Market or via personal trading. Thing like Costumes since we are all about that fashion and Valhalla/Hell Mod which are both very strong items. It's mainly used for selling other items and Seals themselves can be sold for money.
  15. caetho

    A Harpy Guide

    Don't forget to mention that Interlude Squall, Air Drive and Exciting Again! lower the cooldown of EX Wind Sting by 1 second per input. Also adding up the total skill % along with the 100% power up makes it more appealing.
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