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  1. please add a rare costume once again like dzw in the winter one , I would appreciate that
  2. “Patience is power.Patience is not an absence of action;rather it is "timing"it waits on the right time to act,for the right principlesand in the right way.” ― Fulton J. Sheen
  4. Just asking . I can understand that the new staff is under stress etc becuz all of these new things goin on like coding and more , but would it be possible to give us CC players even a little , tini tiny bit of eg : a small mini event? Or maybe just any kind of revamp so we can endure the waiting until the big update comes somewhat better? Idk about others but I think that a small update is better than nothing~
  5. Please for the love of god , improve the beginner packages ( i mean those support boxes u get every 5 level) and add some gear in it. PLEASE . Gearing up in here is such a pain and takes years . Please make it atleast somwhat easier...... EDIT!! : i have a few new ideas -please buff the exp gain in UC . I can't believe it takes even weeks to get there even a single lvl up . I spend money for some shit that is mostly useless just to get a higher UC level (eg : mandragora seeds ) so I can buy myself/craft/get better items. I would really love if you guys could somehow revamp this . - Revamp or make a completely new beginner packages with ACTUALLY USEFUL items . Oh and also...Please make till like lv 85 and not only 45...... -MAKE ACCESSOIRES/AVATARS FREAKIN BANKSHAREABLE!!! PLS FOR THE LOVE OF GOD -Let some items be easier to get . Most of the engame things are literally based off RNG ~gremory box or SP Books for example~ -Revamp the code:Fusion Tab. Please. Oh god. Being able to craft a costume from takes an ETERNITY. Not only is it also PURELY RNG based but also ...the amount of molecules I need for some sets ( The crafting / the changing) costs much money and warp fragments . Especially for newbies this is pretty much a pain in the ass. I would also really like to see some new/other sets in there , eg some OLD event things or smth liike that. -Add again a daily log-in bonus! It shouldn't be too big but a nice little gift for logging in would be really great! (Especially if it's an item you can hardly get) - Add some costumes to the achievements! Like for Luna and wolfgang , that red set u can get and those eyes (Omega Queens Eys for example , or Anna/Shubs Eyes) , but also for the other WH members , the WD and the BL members .
  6. XD So ya finna started playin CC alrite. The blackboard reall isnt that empty , you just need to search for ur things oof
  7. Uhm...I've got a question...Do I HAVE TO make a screenshot with both bai and soma or can I use just 1 char?
  8. Henlo! I'm currently lv 83 Luna (after like 10 years lvling imo jk) but I still feel kinda weak.... It's not like I can't clear dungeons anymore but it's taking me longer than before , especially bosses...... Currently I have the plane gate set from the quest with +11 core but Idk..... Wich gear should I aim to become even more OP? Thanks in advance~
  9. yeah nvm , I had a few problems but it worked in the end but thanks anyways~
  10. yes... forgive me my endless stupidity , but I just realised that I had to download the first one instead of the 2nd link... and now it works ( I was kinda 2 lazy 2 edit sry :T) But thx anyways^^ btw do u know how to mod?
  11. Henlo rulebook ~ Could I ask you a question? I've did everything GALAXY said in his/her guide for modding.

    DAT3505 (aegis eyes) is located in the dat7 folder. So I've copied the folder and deleted everything except DAT3505. But since it is a CMF file , I can't really edit this on paint.net ...... Am I doing smth wrong? Heck >W<


    Also , if I search for *.* Aegis (since d´this is also luna's classname) , I cannot find anything..... But when I try to search for aegis in the datfiles in the CC folder , I found a few texture , but no eyes.....


    edit 2 : Well nvm I give up on her eyes..... I tried to mod levia's eyes . I am currently reimporting it , but everytime I try that with reimport it say "No such file or dictionary" help pls...

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    2. ѕтяαωвєяяу


      thank you so much...If you ever need smth , don't be shy and ask me ~

      ign : LoliBitch



      Also , one question tho...how do I know where all those things are? I couldn't search for aegis eyes, neither her textures , but you still found them. How did you do that? How can I encode where it is..

    3. Adjudicator


      Congrats on getting your mod to work!

      To answer your question, I honestly just use the default search bar. Probably not the answer you were hoping for, but there  really isn't much else to it. I will say that, since there are so many files (1600+ for Aegis alone), it might take a bit of time for them to register and show up. Beyond that, though, I can't really help much in this regard.

    4. ѕтяαωвєяяу


      ok but thx anyways ❤️


  12. Only the files from the updated one (the 2nd one) .Eh... Should I put both of them in the DAT_VOICE folder or just one of them?
  13. I do have it in there , but I still have the korean voice - I've tried repair and restarting my pc but still...it just won't let me have the jp voice. After all , I still have the kr voice...What should I do? Did I do smth wrong ? heck ;-;
  14. so is it also alright if I create VOICE_DAT in music? And then put all the files in htere? Will it immediately work or do I have to restart the game? No matter where I put the folder with the files (the ipdated ones) it doesn't change at all...help
  15. I'm sorry but where is the voice dat folder?
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