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  1. Calea

    Best pet for Levia?

    That would be nice. Its sad that she was limited. ;_; Really? I'll buy mini Seulbi then. Thank you.
  2. Calea

    Best pet for Levia?

    Hello,what is the best pet for Levia?
  3. Which character lvl buff is worth? Or Should I make all characters to lvl 20? And will they give us free character slot when Tina etc. comes?
  4. Calea

    Seulbi PvE Skill Build

    Thanks guys again. ^^ LF>Lock @Icarus
  5. Hi guys. Im new to Closers and my main is Seulbi. But I kinda dont know what to max etc. Can you help me with her PvE skill build please?
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