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  1. You only need one of the wing accessories and it will count towards the 10/10, ie. left, right, or the full wings.
  2. Neither will. You'll only get the 5/5 stats, but none of the costume effects such as special idle animations or portraits pertaining to the sets(as shown in the spoiler below). Those effects are specific to the full 10/10 sets only, so you'd have to have the rest of the set in your inventory in order to equip the idle/portraits of either set.
  3. Are you still experiencing this issue, or is the game working properly now?
  4. Lan

    Need help

    Please do not necro, ie. posting in threads 2 weeks inactive or more. Feel free to PM the OP if you'd like to contact them in regards to further assistance. I'll be locking this up.
  5. XIGNCODE is a finicky program that doesn't always work smoothly, and at times causes issues with game clients. Swapping the XIGNCODE folder you currently have with one that is functioning properly should allow your client to boot up.
  6. An issue like this typically requires an already-updated XIGNCODE folder. If you haven't tried this yet, I'd suggest giving it a shot: [excerpt from my FAQ]
  7. If you could please share a screenshot of what this issue looks like on your end, that would help us figure out what may be happening much faster.
  8. No problem! Lock granted.
  9. Its pinned in the Journals & Broadcasts section, but here's a direct link:
  10. Lan


    Oh I see, it may be bugged then. I'll forward your concerns to staff and see if anyone else may know what's going on, and what we can do to fix it. Thanks for letting us know!
  11. Lan


    Yes, you can craft her Nightfall set. As long as the character in question has a version of that specific set available to them, you can craft that rare set.
  12. Criticism and sharing concerns with us is fine, and its exactly what we need to gauge things going forward. However, I think Gitae was referring to your remarks about how you're losing faith in this staff over things like a returning gacha and cash changes. One of Harpy's concerns was how bare the shop was prior to joining us, and she's been working to improve that as time goes on. Our gachas are running as such: new sets monthly and old sets every 2-3 weeks as time allows. Bunny was a gacha, and we just re-released it as a set in the cash shop. Summer Rhapsody was in an event of ours in the past, but it was also originally released as a gacha set before that. I, for one, spent money on that gacha and completely missed the event that gave it away for free. I did not feel slighted in the least. We also had Qipao/Cheongsam in gacha, and later released it into an event for free; I personally paid for both because I wanted more of the sets. My point is that if having a set for free and then in gacha or vice versa was an issue, we would run out of sets to release and then we'd either have 4-month gachas or no one would be able to get these cosmetics. If the community would prefer a different way to decide returning gachas, we can certainly discuss that as well (perhaps a poll or something?). But these gacha/shop changes are in no way comparable to events or changes elsewhere, as they are much more easily implemented while the latter takes time and testing to perfect for the community; we are just making efforts to bring back old sets and freshen up the shop for our current player-base while we work on bigger things. If that is something that makes you lose faith in a team that just pumped out a massive update, then I don't know what else I can say to make you feel otherwise. As for whatever Violet said/promised, I'll once again reiterate what I've said countless times, even while she was here: Whatever Violet shared in discord and/or before an update ever dropped was simply her spit-balling ideas in a discussion or sharing her opinions. She made conflicting comments, as her ideas changed; she would then mention many times that nothing was set in stone in those discussions and, as it turns out, that was exactly the case. You cannot hold an entirely different group of people to one person's promises when she didn't follow through herself and may not have even if she stayed with us. It just isn't reasonable, and I hope you can understand that. We will certainly consider changes going forward; so please feel free to share ideas in the suggestions & feedback forum and we'll definitely check it out. But to keep telling us that "Violet said this, and it didn't happen so I feel cheated".. Look, I'm sorry Violet failed to keep those promises, but that was on her. Not this staff.
  13. Simply request a lock and ping Icarus, Moe, and I--we'll take care of the rest. I'll lock this one up for you !
  14. ʜᴇʟʟᴏ, ᴀɢᴇɴᴛs ! [FA] Lan reporting in with an event to inspire your inner Michelangelo! Introducing Code: Creation, a bi-monthly Closers-themed art contest to put your artistic spirit to the test. Great ideas come from all sorts of places, so don't be discouraged--everyone is welcome to join in! Continue reading to be briefed on the details . . . Rules are rules and this contest is no different. Read thoroughly, and make sure to follow these to the best of your ability ! 1. 18+ content is strictly prohibited. 2. Don't steal and/or copy(this includes tracing) others' work as it will lead to disqualification. 3. Follow the CODE: Closers Official Community Guidelines. 4. Stick to the theme, or your hard work may go wasted! 5. Post your progress in a spoiler (at least one image is required). 6. Do not enter using multiple forum accounts. 7. You are only allowed one submission per contest (ie. you cannot participate in both categories or submit 2 pieces for one category, etc). 8. If you win this edition you won't be able to participate next edition; likewise, if you've won the prior edition, you cannot participate in this one. 9. You may show your support for an entry by giving it a "like". However, doing so will not decide the winner(s).10. Direct all questions to the Contest Discussion thread and ping me (or send me a PM); This contest thread is for submissions only. Creativity comes from many mediums, so we want to award the best of two worlds! Therefore, each month, we'll be judging two categories separately and handing out bit prizes to the best of the best. Take a look and see for yourself ! • • • • • Dɪɢɪᴛᴀʟ Aʀᴛ Cᴀᴛᴇɢᴏʀʏ: Do you draw with a mouse or tablet? Perhaps you're more accustomed to drawing with programs like SAI or Photoshop? If that sounds pretty spot-on, then the digital art category would suit you the best ! Tʀᴀᴅɪᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ Aʀᴛ Cᴀᴛᴇɢᴏʀʏ: Do you prefer to draw with pencil and paper? Or maybe pens and markers are the most appropriate choice for you? If so, then the traditional art category would be your best fit ! Pʀɪᴢᴇs: • one grand-prize winner per category will receive 10,000 bits Tʜɪs ᴇᴅɪᴛɪᴏɴ's ᴛʜᴇᴍᴇ ɪs... Summer Getaway ! There's nothing quite like relaxation on a well-deserved vacation. This Code: Creation edition tasks you with capturing the Closers enjoying some leisure summer activities. Are they tanning on the poolside, basking in the sunshine? Maybe they're swimming at the beach with their friends? Or perhaps just enjoying a game of volleyball as the sun sets? Whatever you envision, share it with us here! Tʜᴇ ᴅᴇᴀᴅʟɪɴᴇ ɪs sɪx ᴡᴇᴇᴋs ғʀᴏᴍ ᴛᴏᴅᴀʏ, ᴏɴ August 3rd . There's no need to rush -- Take your time, but use it wisely ! Cᴏɴɢʀᴀᴛᴜʟᴀᴛɪᴏɴs ᴛᴏ ᴏᴜʀ ᴡɪɴɴᴇʀs ! Last edition's winners' artwork will be featured below, as well as all prior winners to commemorate a job well done. If you don't manage to win this time, don't worry--you can always try again next edition ! • Dɪɢɪᴛᴀʟ Aʀᴛ Pᴀsᴛ Wɪɴɴᴇʀs • Tʀᴀᴅɪᴛɪᴏɴᴀʟ Aʀᴛ Pᴀsᴛ Wɪɴɴᴇʀs *** If for whatever reason you did not receive your prize, simply contact Harpy. *** Keep at it and stay inspired, agents. Gᴏᴏᴅ ʟᴜᴄᴋ ᴏᴜᴛ ᴛʜᴇʀᴇ !
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