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  1. Unfortunately, I do not have any ETA to share at this time. Either myself or someone else on staff will update this thread once the downtime is resolved, or if there is any other update on the situation. I apologize again for any inconvenience.
  2. The server is still experiencing issues. Please keep all chatter pertaining this to the original report here. I'll be locking this thread.
  3. Please do not necro-post, ie. posting in threads over 2 weeks inactive--this one has been inactive for a month. Lock granted.
  4. The server is currently experiencing some unintended downtime; please be patient while we work to get it back online. In the meantime, keep all discussion to the original report here. Thanks! I'll be locking this up.
  5. Moved thread to the General Support section. The server is currently experiencing some unscheduled downtime please be patient while we work to fix it. In the meantime, keep all chatter concerning this to this thread here. Lock granted.
  6. Moved this thread to General Support. Please do not double-post threads as it is considered spam. I'll be locking your other thread. As for this topic, the server is currently experiencing unintended downtime. Please be patient while we work to get it back up and running as soon as possible. In the meantime, keep all discussion concerning this issue to this thread. Thank you, and we apologize for the inconvenience.
  7. Wishing everyone a wonderful day && a happy mothers day as well !ย 

  8. @iYuna One last reminder of my previous ping (post before this one), but your images still aren't showing up in your Code: Creation entry. Deadline hits on May 8th, so please make sure to edit your submission as soon as you can. Thanks && Best of luck!
  9. @Riley Like I'd stated before, we're aware that C:C is behind on official content. With our new staff, we aim to get those things added as soon as possible. Please be patient. @Melodion Sadly, events take time to put together (just like any other content), so we wouldn't be able to simply release an event while working to get C:C up to speed with other servers; gacha would probably be the quickest thing to update. However, I look forward to seeing new events in the future too! What kind of costumes are you hoping to see? @NoobSaibot That's a nice idea! I know we had stamina potions available in most areas prior to only having it in the first areas, and the change was hit with some mixed feelings from the community. I'm not sure if or when it could be changed back, but that's definitely something we can consider going forward. @Assister Tina really needs a cash shop overhaul, and we're absolutely going to be fixing that in the future. As for that specific costume, I'm not entirely sure.. It hasn't been released in the cash shop or gacha for Tina yet. However, there are a lot of sets available in our fail merge pool--I just don't know if that one is in it too honestly. I'd love to see it added in somewhere though. Very cute!
  10. She was talking about something "in the works", which is why transparency is so difficult at times because that answer can and most of the time does change based on collective opinions gathered, primary focuses for the server, or overall functionality. I'm not someone with the authority to state if or when something will come out, however it looks like she stated those boxes would come out with their respective rotations (since BoD's accessory box was never re-rotated with WH BoD like it was meant to). She also clearly stated in her FAQ (those screenshots I showed you) that those items would be made available, without mentioning anything about temporary availability. Those communications don't appear to be something either of us can use as a concrete answer to your concerns--she said herself "who knows" in that discussion. What I can say about it now, however, is that my peers have heard what you're hoping for in this thread; Violet is no longer with the team, and the decision is in their hands at this point. There are a lot of things in C:C that require some "tlc" and attention, but Code: Foundation is one of those systems that really needs the help too. Whether or not it's an immediate priority, isn't really the point. If this is something important to the QoL of the game and the player-base's experience, then something will certainly be done. I recommend that you keep up with your suggestion thread to try to share your views with my new peers. They're listening, I can promise you that.
  11. Yep! Any character can solo, however some are much better than others. Like Rulebook suggested, just do the dungeons/difficulties for your level as you go since you level much faster here than officials. There's also this guide to help give you some tips for starting out, though it isn't viable for the WH team since their missions are entirely different. I'm not very knowledgeable with J, but you'll probably have better luck sifting through the guides here or making a new thread for whatever questions you've got. Hope that helps a bit. Good luck!
  12. @iYuna Hiya! Apologies for the ping, but your images in the Code: Creation contest thread aren't showing up. Please make sure to fix those links/images before the deadline hits. Thanks! โ™ฅ
  13. @Meshin I'm unsure what you mean, as that was not at all what she shared in her Q&A's: @Luckas We're aware of C:C's need for recent content drops and my peers are working hard to get us caught up to speed. Hang in there and stay tuned!
  14. You can always turn to our general guides sections if you want some tips on things like that too; most of the veteran player-base has a pretty good idea about general information and how to gain credits. That aside, I totally understand where you're coming from though--it's not really so easy to get a bunch of credits unless you grind very specific methods or sell coveted items on BM. I'd like to see more ways, possibly through events in the future as well. && No problem! These discussions are made so that everyone can voice their opinions and know their feedback is heard. โ™ฅ
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