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  1. Happy Valentines day, everyone! 
    I'll be sending all my alt-3 hearts and good vibes your way today. ♥


  2. Lan

    New here, Returning Closers player

    Hiya, Teddouka! Welcome to the CODE: Closers community--it's nice to meet you as well. ♥ Feel free to join our Official Discord and check out the active circles in our forum's Circle section. If you have any other concerns, please don't hesitate to let us know. Best of luck && I hope you enjoy your stay!
  3. Lan

    XignCode Error

    According to the XIGNCODE FAQ: There may be a program interfering with the client. I would suggest trying to run CODE: Closers on its own to see if that fixes the issue for you.
  4. Lan

    Newbie, Looking for Friends

    Hallo, Tagaru Kona && Welcome to the CODE: Closers community ! As Rulebook suggested, our Official Guides and General Guides sections are the go-to for general information and character guides. However there may be things not covered in those, so feel free to make a post in the General Guides section if you ever have questions or just need some clarification. For active circles, you can make a post or flip through the ones in our Circle section. The Official Discord is a great resource for new players, as it makes asking questions and getting tips from veteran players much easier. Please don't hesitate to ask questions--we're happy to help! Best of luck && I hope you enjoy your stay!
  5. Lan

    Hi! I'm new and learning

    Hello, Spinna! Welcome to the C:C community--I hope you enjoy your time here. ♥ Our discord is probably the best place to ask for beginner tips and converse with the community more directly, however you can also make a post in our General Guides section--we'll do our best to help as best as we can. Good luck!
  6. Lan

    Hey peeps

    Welcome to the CODE: Closers community, KheiKurogane! I hope you've been enjoying the game so far. My first character was actually Misteltein, but I found Harpy, Seulbi, and Wolfgang to be very fun as well! If you ever have any other questions or would like help, please feel free to make a post on forums or ask us in our Official Discord--we'll do our best to help. Best of luck!
  7. Lan

    hello guys!

    Hello and welcome to the C:C community, Murasakino! I hope you've been enjoying your time here. Like Shied recommended, you may have an easier time conversing with the community through our official discord. However, you can also try making a post in our General Guides section here on forums, and request suggestions through that medium as well, if you would still like clarification about how to obtain the appropriate gear and/or build for Misteltein. Best of luck!
  8. Lan


    Hiya && Welcome to the Code: Closers community, Lizexiis! It's very nice to meet you as well. I think it would be worth your time to try each character out at least through the tutorial before deciding your go-to, but all of them are pretty enjoyable to play! Personally, I like Wolfgang, Harpy, Misteltein, and Seulbi the best. ♥ Good luck && I hope you enjoy the game!
  9. Lan

    Hello everyone!

    Hallo, ledigeine && Welcome to the C:C community! I hope you enjoy your stay with us. As far as which costumes are worth upgrading, that's pretty much up to you and what suits your play-style the most. As far as 6/6 or 10/10 sets, you may want to aim for a rare set (ie. Zenith is available in synchro now, but BoD/Cybernetics is available through other means, such as Code: Foundation packages or buying with credits/PGC from those within the community). Aside from that, you can always ask the community for their suggestions/builds in our General Guides section (the one that Rulebook mentioned above) and Sonic's guide pertaining to Accessory sets as well too. If you ever need help or simply have questions you'd like answered, feel free to make a post--we'll do our best to help! Good luck && Have fun !
  10. Lan

    Is Athena Set Still Worthy?

    Lock granted!
  11. Lan

    version check error?

    Are you still experiencing issues? If so, have you tried diagnosing your client?
  12. Lan

    [Official] Contest Discussion Thread

    Unfortunately, no. Winners cannot join in on the edition that is posted after the one they've won--you can join in again after this edition passes though. Hope that answers your question !
  13. Lan

    [Official] Contest Discussion Thread

    Yes! You and @kongouSenpai need to PM Violet with which set out of Cybernetics, Brilliance of Darkness, and Zenith you would like. Please make sure to also include which character the set is for and which IGN you want it on as well!
  14. It's not a waste of time, don't worry! I'm glad everything is up and running properly for you now. If you ever have any other problems, feel free to let us know.
  15. Have you already tried adding the client to your firewall/antivirus's exceptions list?