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  1. vas

    hey baby it's me again


    how have u been 😍


  2. hey guys. its been a fun couple years! i really loved interacting with the community, hosting/participating in events, and helping you all whenever you needed it. but i'll be retiring as staff from here. being a mother and taking care of both my family and myself have become my main priorities, and i can no longer put in the time and effort you all need and deserve. so with that, i wish you all the best. to the community: y'all memers made this an absolute blast. to the staff: im so glad to know you guys are doing everything you can to make this server all it can be. thanks f
  3. I'm glad everything is working properly now. Since there's no longer any issues, I'll lock this up. Feel free to make a new thread, if you need any further assistance. Enjoy the game!
  4. Are you still experiencing issues installing? If so, which version of Windows are you currently using?
  5. I understand your want for help but please don't create duplicate threads while waiting for an reply, as it may be considered spam. As for the issue: Have you tried running the installer as administrator? Also, make sure your anti-virus/firewall isn't preventing the process, by either adding the installer to your exceptions list or disabling your anti-virus temporarily while the installation process is underway.
  6. Hello && Welcome back, Mon Nuage! I hope you enjoy your time here. ♥
  7. You only need one of the wing accessories and it will count towards the 10/10, ie. left, right, or the full wings.
  8. Neither will. You'll only get the 5/5 stats, but none of the costume effects such as special idle animations or portraits pertaining to the sets(as shown in the spoiler below). Those effects are specific to the full 10/10 sets only, so you'd have to have the rest of the set in your inventory in order to equip the idle/portraits of either set.
  9. Are you still experiencing this issue, or is the game working properly now?
  10. Lan

    Need help

    Please do not necro, ie. posting in threads 2 weeks inactive or more. Feel free to PM the OP if you'd like to contact them in regards to further assistance. I'll be locking this up.
  11. XIGNCODE is a finicky program that doesn't always work smoothly, and at times causes issues with game clients. Swapping the XIGNCODE folder you currently have with one that is functioning properly should allow your client to boot up.
  12. An issue like this typically requires an already-updated XIGNCODE folder. If you haven't tried this yet, I'd suggest giving it a shot: [excerpt from my FAQ]
  13. If you could please share a screenshot of what this issue looks like on your end, that would help us figure out what may be happening much faster.
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