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  1. Will some of the items have the possibility of returning in another event? Not all of them of course, to keep some sort of seasonal exclusivity (of ones which are appropriate to do so), but the fact that you'll lose out on a fair selection of items is pretty disheartening. I personally wanted a good majority of the selection- if I wanted the route of collecting all the Sporty costumes sets that option is absolutely impossible within the amount of coins available, and they can't be tradable even if I wanted to find other means of getting them. I think also having an exchange system using something like candy canes to obtain a minor amount of coins would be a nice idea in supplement to running the challenge dungeon. Give it a weekly cap or something and it'll at least provide some newer players a small chance of obtaining one of the lower end items, but at the same still give incentive to reach endgame to even feasibly run the challenge. If this crafting format would return then I wouldn't mind the pick and choosing nature of it if I can have some form of assurance of maybe getting them again. So far, a lot of old sets have returned a year later to obtain again from these past event which gives me the option to revisit them if I want to craft them again. For items that aren't particularly linked to the seasons, having them come back sooner than a year would be nice. As this is the first time the format has been introduced, there will have to be more instances over time to establish a pattern.
  2. Please take the time to go through this playlist from the official Closers Youtube channel. This contains just about all character motions for idle poses/ emotes for various set. Scrolling through the list I can see the Hot Spring emotes for WH characters, but because they are listed as they are released I'll leave it up to you on finding which character(s) you're interested in looking for. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhSX9RskYYvKQk5GVMmQxZ3KqZDuv9wwx Bit of a blanket answer to your request but here you go. Hope it helps.
  3. It would be best to add a easy/hard mode for both types of runs, with appropriately scaled rewards. That way, for rewards such as the 2020 coins you'll just be faced with the issue of not getting all of the rewards rather than not having any rewards at all- a fair middle ground that can accommodate both new and veteran players. To elaborate, as an example, set the first 2 difficulties of the current event dungeons as the runs for the candy cane, and the last 2 for the coins, where you'd get double the rewards for completing the harder difficulty for each run. Scaling for such difficulties will have to be determined appropriately (HP, dmg, etc) so that a player can be rewarded as such to their current place in the game, which is why there are even difficulties to select to begin with. The grind for additional candy canes I am fine with since you can chose how much time you want to invest for what you want to craft, with the limit per day being okay, leaving room for excess still for most crafts. Credit costs I won't say much on since I'm not conscious enough on money making, I just kinda let it add up over time passively, but I will agree that cred prices could be balanced better, especially since candy canes are what should be the currency more concerned over, as they should be what influences more on how much you want to participate on the event rather than how much you can afford. I would welcome spending more if I'm able to obtain more, investing my time appropriately as such for the grind.
  4. For Code: Recolor Are the visual frames meant to be static images, or is it possible to animate them? Figured it'd be normal images but just curious since there are a couple of animated frames Also curious if elements of the visual frames/titles that I'm thinking of can be adapted appropriately to enter in both categories at once, since I had the idea of having them compliment each other if hypothetically both are used
  5. # EX Supercluster (as of a recent previous patch: https://codeclosers.to/forums/index.php?/topic/8249-1x10-welcome-to-busan/) These are the current skill cubes. The descriptions you see ingame are the outdated cube effects due to not being updated by the devs. I plan on updating my guide in the future, but what you need to know for now is that nonawakened electric storm is no longer influenced by using EX supercluster, merely acting as an unlock requirement to give electric storm more effects. You will only need to worry about bit count when using electric storm when activating its enhanced damage.
  6. The end draws near for the event. Have fun with the last LAST minute grind. NOTE: event crafting has been extended an extra week, so reserve the appropriate amount of hearts desired for what crafts you want to make.
  7. Seeing as to how the event has been extended until the next weekly reset (2 days from now) I figured I'd share an easy method to grinding Halloween Boxes that's around universal across a majority of characters. Requirements: Must be a Black Lamb/ Wolfdog character to access this dungeon Dungeon: UNION Tower Rooftop, on either Recon or Patrol difficulty (pick Recon for ease of completing) Have relatively good gear/stats; TCP ~2mil and above works on Recon difficulty Have either high movement speed stats or skills with movement that can bring you as close to the boss as possible Have a high damage skill that can deal tons of damage at once instantly or Task Force EX FM (abbreviating as TFEX for short) Have a lot of Plum Soda stocked up in your inventory (depending on how long you you want to run) You'll have to cancel your opening animation with an emote in order to move right away. From there, simply move through whatever means possible within range of the boss that'll spawn momentarily and set up your high damage skill to hit. The boss is hittable on spawn, so time your skill appropriately for when it shows up. You have to one shot the boss or you'll trigger the HP threshold mechanic of fighting the other arm across the map, wasting time in the run. TFEX can be used across all characters as a universal burst skill due to its short animations and frontal hitbox covering distance to the boss, having high % damage and forced ABCs to guarantee high damage, though performance may vary as each Task Force team has several variations of the skill. Use other alternative skills specific to your character that can work otherwise. Clear times can average 18~20 seconds per run, making it very effective to repeat over and over as you refill your Fatigue with Plum Sodas to grind indefinitely. This method is useful if you don't want to take extra steps on going through alts to run dungeons such as ones in Planar Gate that are just as short but limited in runs, and instead just focus on one character (that's likely your main) to grind to your needs on how many boxes you desire. Happy last minute grinding. I definitely didn't lose my sanity to get all my last minute boxes before the event was extended last night.
  8. That particular visual glitch existed before this patch. You can see this with certain other costumes like the Midnight Noble top on Seulbi. Doesn't really affect anything ingame so it's thankfully not breaking anything to put too much worry over.
  9. There are a lot of requests for how the event costumes look ingame. I was able to find a brief promo pic of the Noble Package costumes through a KR page, but it appears that I can't search up the other pages anymore as to what they look like for other sets (Camilla, Amethyst, Mabinogi, etc). Would be appreciated if some in-house preview pics were made as to how the summer event had some.
  10. Update came literally as I woke up lol Gonna have to reread and adjust skill descriptions for this guide, so this will be outdated for some time until further notice. As far as gameplay is concerned, refer to the Regarding Future Content section of the guide for the new changes to Seulbi. She overall still plays the same way (at a glance) so you can read this guide as a minor guideline to what you need to do.
  11. Did some minor editing corrections. Probably will do more edits as I read over it more. ----- Thanks for the positive feedback! Seemed to have a fair amount of people viewing this guide so far. If anyone has any additional questions/feedback feel free to put them down.
  12. Changelog: 10/16/19- first published 10/24/19- minor syntax and format editing
  13. < A Guide To Playing Seulbi > By XIIIthLight People wanted a Seulbi guide from me. Sure, let’s get into things. ----- Character Overview Terminology Skills Trainee Skills Novice Agent Skills Official Agent Skills Special Agent Skills Purification Gear: Awakened Skills Passives Equipment Gear Format Recommended Tuning Recommended Chips PNA Setup Purification Area Gear Beelzebub Gear Gameplay Tips and tricks Regarding Future Content ----- Character Overview If you’re looking to play Seulbi, here are some things that might interest you in deciding: Psi damage based character Large AOE skills that hit around and forward; straightforward hitboxes Self-sustaining MP management and PPR gain Secondary resource (Bits) used to power and activate skills Skills easy to use to keep you air and bring you into the air Deployable skills that complete on their own, able to combine and combo multiple skills simultaneously Fair amount of iframe and damage reduction skills to use Able to use skills repetitively through reducing cooldowns and resetting skills Although here are some aspects to know when playing her: Stationary when using most skills; limited movement options to only few certain skills, also can’t return to the ground on demand when needing to dodge Long animations for some skills to finish, may have enemies wander away from skill hitboxes Need to learn how to manage generating and consuming Bits appropriately Need to learn how to manage skills affecting cooldown reductions and resets effectively in particular skill rotations Lag sensitive character; gameplay dependent on skill resets and may not reset right away if suffering from lag Relatively low damage multipliers compared to rest of cast and lack of additional ABC bonuses to most skills Gameplay potential not entirely realized until Special Agent advancement for her core mechanics and gameplay No access to Task Force advancement; immediate power disparity relative to other characters with lack of access to additional passives Seulbi isn’t the most powerful character to play, but it all comes down to learning the character to perform to your best ability to play just as viably as any other character. Hopefully this will prove helpful for any advice you’re looking for. For simplicity, all skills will be referred to their effects with all skill cube effects available (when applicable), Special Agent promotion unlocked, and all gear is accessible. You may refer to in game for specific % values and particular skill cube effects that may not be highlighted in this guide. ----- Terminology Some terms to be mindful of when reading this guide (*some terms are also changed and abbreviated from previously adopted terminology prior to NA server translations): Bits - Seulbi’s secondary resource required to use or enhance skills. *not to be confused with the paid currency used in the Item Mall/ gachas Bit Consumption - specific skill classification that uses Bits upon use with how many used. *important to note that some skills do consume Bits but are not part of this category Bit Creation - specific skill classification that adds Bits upon use with how many created Damage reduction - receive less damage by around 80%, particularly on certain skills while casting FC (Force Cancel) - canceling a skill’s animation midway using another skill. All skills come with this innate feature FM (Finishing Move) - refers to the Rank _ Special Move skills of the appropriate rank [1/2/3/4], skills that have the ability to Super Armor Crash an enemy’s Super Armor level, denoted by the number next to their HP bar on the top of the screen for particular enemies/bosses. All FMs for Seulbi have damage reduction applied while casting, can freeze movement on most enemies in range, and have their Super Armor Crash level increased by 1 upon reaching level 6. These features become less effective on certain bosses. *The base Super Armor Crash value of each FM is their FM number plus 2. EX. The Super Armor Crash value on FM1 is 3. PPR (Phase Power Release) - refers to Empowered State, skill that enables the Empowered State buff, increasing damage while granting character specific stat increases and bonuses ----- Skills With points for skills becoming more accessible through various ingame means, it’s possible to max out the level on all the skills and passives to maximize their potentials. The following provides a general guideline on how to build your skills at a starting level. < Trainee Skills > At the end of the tutorial you can obtain the following skills: Phased Bits Empowered State: Seulbi Cancel: Seulbi Combat Dodge Phase Ductility Blades of Discipline Telekinetic Explosion Supercluster FM1: Bus Drop < Novice Agent Skills > After obtaining the Novice Agent promotion you can obtain the following skills: Gravity Flux Magnetic Infusion Electric Storm FM2: Ion Cannon Psychic Satellite < Regular Agent Skills > After obtaining the Regular Agent promotion you can obtain the following skills: Railgun Wormhole Buffer Space Elasticity FM3: Satellite Crash < Special Agent Skills > After obtaining the Special Agent promotion you can obtain the following skills: Amplified Bits EX Blades of Discipline EX Supercluster EX Gravity Flux FM4: Subway Strike < Purification Gear: Awakened Skills > After equipping Purification Area gear you can obtain the following skills as their Awakened versions: These skills remove the skill cube effects of their original skills and replace them with a new set of skill effects. The functionality of these skills will differ depending on what changes are applied. Electric Storm - Superconductivity Railgun – Fatal Shot Psychic Satellite - Psychokinesis < Passives > As you unlock advancements you will gain access to passives for additional stats. Before investing into any passives, it is important to prioritize your main skills first to maximize the amount of damage potential your skills can do, with passives being supplementary to your existing stats. A general rule to follow can be to put skills at level 1 for the base amount and invest at your discretion on how much into each passive you want. Passives that are of higher priority to invest into first with greater benefits: Passives that are of lesser priority to invest but also useful: Remaining passives that are otherwise non-essential but might help in other cases (such as pvp): ----- Equipment [ Gear Format ] Weapon Core: Mystic (Wand) -main core type that you will be streamlined into using when accessing endgame gear Modules: Regulator, Impulser -modules that focus on Psi related stats, each act as counterparts for endgame gear sets [ Recommended Tuning ] Refer to https://codeclosers.to/forums/index.php?/topic/2659-what-tunes-do-you-want-why/ For tunes regarding specific ABC damage types, focus on tuning for Air Strike and Back Attack related tunes. Chase related tunes are also a valid secondary stat to invest into, but ultimately something that you do not need to emphasize on currently, but in general it is important to build your ABCs appropriately to maximize skills that use those stats. Recommended to have at least one EX skill tune for EX Gravity Flux in order to use its master cube, but otherwise can be compensated with the appropriate receiver from Purification Area. Attack Speed is an optional tune to keep, speeding up a lot of skills that usually take a while to cast. Having an average of 1.14 Attack Speed is a comfortable number to settle with if possible, but purely up to personal preference if you want to go higher or lower [ Recommended Chips ] Refer to https://codeclosers.to/forums/index.php?/topic/3175-introduction-to-chips/ Besides chip colors that apply specifically to Psi damage characters, platinum chips fall under similar emphasis to tuning. Use Air Strike platinum chips on modules, being a general situational type to invest into, while on shields you should focus on using Back Attack/ Chase platinum chips to supplement your other ABCs. [ PNA Setup ] Refer to https://codeclosers.to/forums/index.php?/topic/7071-pna-guide-basicspecialamplify/ Basic PNA setup. For Offensive, equip PNA that focus on Air Strike or Back Attack damage. For Utility, Array (blue) genes can be equipped to personal preference. I use genes with Movement Speed to help with moving around faster, but equipping genes that increases you max MP can be a useful alternative if you need the extra MP to help with managing skills. Special PNA setup. Seulbi focuses on Air Strike and Back Attack to recommend this setup. An Amplified PNA setup that I use. The highlighted sections of the grid are the main components you need to worry about in terms of their color typing. You can also use the Attack Speed configuration if you want to go through your skill animations faster. What types of components you choose to equip overall is purely personal preference to what kind of stats you want to enhance and upgrade. Stats like max HP, max MP, movement speed, and skill cooldown/ cost reduction are various things you can choose to invest into that provide improvements. [ Purification Area Gear ] When you gain access to the Purification Area, you will have the option to equip one of three types of module sets, granting skill damage boosts to a set of three specific skills. These modules differ from the ones dropped in the side dungeons from being able to be transcended into stronger versions of themselves. You can obtain these specific modules by dropping them from the appropriate bosses or crafting them. The following rules must be considered when selecting a module set: EX versions of skills are not affected, making the damage increases wasted on inapplicable skills Awakened versions of skills will receive diminished damage increase values, making the overall boost in damage combined from trinkets lower than it adds to Of which, the following can be selected: Tindalos (purple modules)– enhances Blades of Discipline, Gravity Flux, Railgun Not recommended, increasing Awakened Railgun damage by a diminished amount, and remaining skills all being EX skills Halphas (green modules)– enhances Telekinetic Explosion, Magnetic Infusion, Wormhole Buffer Highly recommended, all skills being applicable for the set’s full effects, Wormhole Buffer and Telekinetic Explosion gaining higher potential Yod (red modules)– enhances Supercluster, Electric Storm, Space Elasticity Not recommended, increasing Awakened Electric Storm damage by a diminished amount, Supercluster being an EX skill, and Space Elasticity not being the most benefiting of a skill to increase damage to Taking these factors into account, your best all-around set choice will be Halphas, due to making all the skills stronger than they initially are to reinvest to if you haven’t already. Your 3rd module you can equip can be any regulator from the remaining 2 sets, since you will be only using it for the base stats rather than its set effects. You can replace this module with alternatively stronger modules such as a Hell module dropped from running Hell/Overflood or a craftable Paradisio module, a slightly less potent alternative to Hell modules. It is recommended to use the Transcendent type module as it is applicable to many bosses of this type. You will also gain access to Receivers that will grant you extra skill levels to an EX skill of your choice. This can be useful in either making a skill stronger than where it is currently at or pushing a skill to level 10 to access its full skill cube effects. You can obtain these receivers by dropping them from Nitocris. Receiver 1 (yellow receiver)– enhances EX Blades of Discipline Highly recommended if you want to maximize damage potential with your main damage skill Receiver 2 (blue receiver)– enhances EX Supercluster Not recommended, as its damage increase is not as beneficial in comparison to EX Blades of Discipline and the extra resource gain from additional levels is negligible Receiver 3 (green receiver)– enhances EX Gravity Flux Recommended if you want to reach level 10 and access its full skill cube effects, assuming that you don’t have the skill tuned on a module Receiver 1 and 3 are both feasible choices to consider investing into, with 1 being the stronger option in terms of damage efficiency, though 3 is useful as well if you want the increased convenience in bit generating from reducing Space Elasticity’s cooldown, though it will be better if you can somehow manage tuning EX Gravity Flux on a module [ Beelzebub Gear ] With the recent addition of Reverse Theater, a new set of endgame gear is now available to use. Similar to Purification Area gear, you can obtain cores and modules than can be transcended into stronger versions of themselves. You can also obtain special Triggers from Beelzebub Raids that provide impressive set effects if you manage to complete one. The module set is a potently strong set that will replace your Purification Area module set. Remain using any regulator type module as your 3rd module after changing to your new modules since they will still provide useful stats (or continue using a Hell/Paradisio module if so equipped). The core provides much higher stats while equipping, but you will lose access to Awakened Electric Storm. Currently it is not recommended to use a BB core due to the free versatility and higher damage of the Awakened skill. You will be forced to rely on priming Electric Storm with EX Supercluster to utilize its full damage, a downgrade you may not be welcomed to go back to using. This shift of gameplay may hinder you if you are accustomed to using the Awakened version. On the other hand, the stat increase will be a gain benefitting the rest of your skills, though the difference is noticeable mostly through enhancement levels. Use at your discretion. Trigger sets will be harder to complete due to the nature of obtaining them will be at the mercy of obtaining them by chance or after a length of time invested into running the raid. You can also drop triggers from certain dungeons and raids that aren’t as powerful but otherwise good substitutes if you can complete a set. Optimal sets such as the Fly King’s Commandment (Red triggers) or Fly King’s Command (Orange triggers) are ideal if you are able to obtain the appropriate triggers, but having a set in general will provide a boost to your stats from tunes and set effects, so don’t be quick to dismiss the other types of triggers out there. Gameplay With all skills set to their potentials, gameplay will revolve primarily around EX Blades of Discipline and Wormhole Buffer as your primary skills to utilize from their ability to reset often from using your Bit Consumption skills. Bit Creation skills should be used often during and after Bit Consumption skills to offset the amounts used in skills, since the amounts made from EX Blades of Discipline will not sustain your bit count alone, with skills like Railgun and Phase Ductility using most of your bits. You are at optimal play when you are always continuously casting skills in order to maintain her stackable buffs. While the amount of time allowed to refresh them is generous, it will be important to know when certain moments take too long to force them to expire and needing to restart the process of maximizing your buffs again. After exhausting all of your Bit Consumption skills, they will more than likely be all on cooldown, along with a majority of your skills. Psychic Satellite and EX Supercluster are safe stalling skills to use, but don’t be afraid to use them in emergencies to avoid fatal attacks. Seulbi’s playstyle will ultimately be revolving around the repeated pattern of Bit Consumption and Bit Creation skills, so those two skills act as your only independent skills to be used as you prefer. Watch you current Bit count in case you might start a new skill rotation that could make you run out of Bits early, remembering to use Bit Creation skills as necessary. FMs can be used freely at your discretion, in between skills or bursting all of them at once, though each of them interact with each other to where you use them in a certain order. FM3 should be used before FM4 so that it can receive reduced cooldown. FM1 should be used after FM4 to use the damage bonus from it, though the cooldown for FM4 can allow you to use FM1 again in between, by then FM4 will be available to use again and FM1 will follow to make use of the damage bonus soon after. FM2 is an exception where its cooldown is reduced from using EX Blades of Discipline repetitively. Use it appropriately so that you set it on cooldown and start reducing it from using skills in your normal skill rotation. While MP management will not be as difficult from being able to regain MP from EX Supercluster and gaining full gauges of PPR rather quickly, it will be important to still use potions as well. FMs are your most expensive skills that will eat up your MP, with your other skills gradually adding up in MP use. Pets Skills that also restores MP can also be a useful option when in need of MP, though it is up to personal preference on what kind of pet you’d want and are able to obtain. Tips and Tricks Some minor gameplay advice regarding Seulbi’s skills and effects. Take them as you will if you think this will help improve your gameplay. Managing skill resets Burst Damage combinations Attempting to stall for cooldowns Is a B-Slot skillbar needed? Regarding Future Content Task Force After obtaining the Task Force promotion you can obtain the following skills: At this time of writing, Seulbi has no access to her Task Force advancement, Queen of Hearts, which is currently only available in KR. Until any further updates in this server, she will not have access to the additional skills and passives from Task Force and will not be covered in this guide. ------ As of posting, Seulbi is missing her Task Force advancement that gives way to her receiving noticeable changes that improves certain skills and changes her gameplay and gearing. The following are patch notes from KR that highlight these changes (*some terminology may differ) The more notable of details to indicate being: The debuff from Gravity Flux is no longer bugged, making overall damage able to inflict being lowered EX Supercluster gaining additional features making it a very potent offensive skill in addition to its existing features Forced Chase damage added to more skills, making it more feasible to invest into Chase related stats It is uncertain whenever these changes will come over to this server. If you wish to prepare for these changes, I highly suggest following the guidelines from this guide first for initial stat building and preparing additional resources until the changes are officially added. Based on initial impressions, EX Supercluster becomes significantly stronger to consider using its appropriate receiver to boost its damage further, complementing it and other skills by building Chase stats. Making an additional receiver, upgrading more PNA, and keeping good Chase tunes can be some steps towards building for these changes. ----- < End of Guide > I hope this guide proves helpful in understanding how to play Seulbi.
  14. With the amount of runs each and every dungeon in PG has for this event, there will be those people such as myself currently not having too much time available to grind the amount of drops for all the items available to craft within a short amount of time. I have a fair spread of characters that are capable of running the event to switch off to maybe 2-3 other alts to get more drops, with the temporary gear from the event being also possible options to use to help them out with minimal gearing. While I have heard of some types of strategies among others on how to run the event effectively, I would like a chance to have them at one place if possible on which character and dungeon combinations will ultimately give short times to run them. Granted, it does not take too much to go through those dungeons as they are subjectively easy dungeons, but it would be interesting to read what kinds of strategies people come up with for some characters- it'll help with deciding what kind of alts to switch off to if anyone like me wants to do extra alts on a selective number of alts at a time. For simplicity of reading, something like this when posting: Character Dungeon Average time completion Any details about completing runs (recommended gear thresholds, PNA setups, when to use skills, etc Educate me in speedrunning.
  15. Might be better to add it separately if possible due to a lot of people who have previously made it won't benefit from making a 2nd set of the costumes (even if the other pieces could be dismantled)
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