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  1. Better late than never, finally got the guide updated. This'll probably be the last update for a long while, considering there hasn't been any notable changes to Seulbi from what I heard. I didn't expect to see as many views as I originally thought for this post. I'm glad to think that this has helped someone out there in some way. Considering how old this guide is, I'll leave it to the forum mods in deciding to lock this. With that, this is my gift to the Seulbi players. Happy 2020 Birthday, Seulbi!
  2. What are the exact contents of the Divine Battle compensation boxes? At a glance, each of them seem to have an acc of sorts. Just curious as to what those look like before deciding (if they are even accs at all), as well as the quantity of the other items. Wanted to make sure of stuff before committing to a choice. EDIT: got my answer from other people and made my choice. The following are the contents in case anyone else was curious: an L effect accessory (an offset spotlight projecting down featuring the face and color of Magra/Dogra) 50 D Coins 10 Magra/Dogra Scissors
  3. Will some of the items have the possibility of returning in another event? Not all of them of course, to keep some sort of seasonal exclusivity (of ones which are appropriate to do so), but the fact that you'll lose out on a fair selection of items is pretty disheartening. I personally wanted a good majority of the selection- if I wanted the route of collecting all the Sporty costumes sets that option is absolutely impossible within the amount of coins available, and they can't be tradable even if I wanted to find other means of getting them. I think also having an exchange system using
  4. Please take the time to go through this playlist from the official Closers Youtube channel. This contains just about all character motions for idle poses/ emotes for various set. Scrolling through the list I can see the Hot Spring emotes for WH characters, but because they are listed as they are released I'll leave it up to you on finding which character(s) you're interested in looking for. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhSX9RskYYvKQk5GVMmQxZ3KqZDuv9wwx Bit of a blanket answer to your request but here you go. Hope it helps.
  5. It would be best to add a easy/hard mode for both types of runs, with appropriately scaled rewards. That way, for rewards such as the 2020 coins you'll just be faced with the issue of not getting all of the rewards rather than not having any rewards at all- a fair middle ground that can accommodate both new and veteran players. To elaborate, as an example, set the first 2 difficulties of the current event dungeons as the runs for the candy cane, and the last 2 for the coins, where you'd get double the rewards for completing the harder difficulty for each run. Scaling for such diffic
  6. For Code: Recolor Are the visual frames meant to be static images, or is it possible to animate them? Figured it'd be normal images but just curious since there are a couple of animated frames Also curious if elements of the visual frames/titles that I'm thinking of can be adapted appropriately to enter in both categories at once, since I had the idea of having them compliment each other if hypothetically both are used
  7. # EX Supercluster (as of a recent previous patch: https://codeclosers.to/forums/index.php?/topic/8249-1x10-welcome-to-busan/) These are the current skill cubes. The descriptions you see ingame are the outdated cube effects due to not being updated by the devs. I plan on updating my guide in the future, but what you need to know for now is that nonawakened electric storm is no longer influenced by using EX supercluster, merely acting as an unlock requirement to give electric storm more effects. You will only need to worry about bit count when using electric storm when activating its enh
  8. The end draws near for the event. Have fun with the last LAST minute grind. NOTE: event crafting has been extended an extra week, so reserve the appropriate amount of hearts desired for what crafts you want to make.
  9. Seeing as to how the event has been extended until the next weekly reset (2 days from now) I figured I'd share an easy method to grinding Halloween Boxes that's around universal across a majority of characters. Requirements: Must be a Black Lamb/ Wolfdog character to access this dungeon Dungeon: UNION Tower Rooftop, on either Recon or Patrol difficulty (pick Recon for ease of completing) Have relatively good gear/stats; TCP ~2mil and above works on Recon difficulty Have either high movement speed stats or skills with movement that can bring you as close to th
  10. That particular visual glitch existed before this patch. You can see this with certain other costumes like the Midnight Noble top on Seulbi. Doesn't really affect anything ingame so it's thankfully not breaking anything to put too much worry over.
  11. There are a lot of requests for how the event costumes look ingame. I was able to find a brief promo pic of the Noble Package costumes through a KR page, but it appears that I can't search up the other pages anymore as to what they look like for other sets (Camilla, Amethyst, Mabinogi, etc). Would be appreciated if some in-house preview pics were made as to how the summer event had some.
  12. Update came literally as I woke up lol Gonna have to reread and adjust skill descriptions for this guide, so this will be outdated for some time until further notice. As far as gameplay is concerned, refer to the Regarding Future Content section of the guide for the new changes to Seulbi. She overall still plays the same way (at a glance) so you can read this guide as a minor guideline to what you need to do.
  13. Did some minor editing corrections. Probably will do more edits as I read over it more. ----- Thanks for the positive feedback! Seemed to have a fair amount of people viewing this guide so far. If anyone has any additional questions/feedback feel free to put them down.
  14. Changelog: 10/16/19- first published 10/24/19- minor syntax and format editing 4/30/2020- Final edit to include re-balance changes from patch 1x10 and
  15. < A Guide To Playing Seulbi > By XIIIthLight People wanted a Seulbi guide from me. Sure, let’s get into things. ----- Character Overview Terminology Skills Trainee Skills Novice Agent Skills Official Agent Skills Special Agent Skills Purification Gear: Awakened Skills Task Force Skills Passives Equipment Gear Format Recommended Tuning Recommended Chips PNA Setup Purification Area Gear Beelzeb
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