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  1. Ché


    Just wanted to say thank you for let us expand the inventory two rows more without the need of buying bits!
  2. It may sound like a silly question but I wanted to know on which of the two I have to concentrate. For example, I have to cores in my Seulbi, one of them gives me 55000 of total combat power and like 4900 of Psi power. The other one gives me 50000 of total combat power and 5900 of Psi power. Which one of them is better? What is better, have a high total combat power or have a high psi power? Thank you.
  3. Some time ago I stopped playing Closers Online because I was getting bored and I had to study a lot, but now I have the desire of returning. I don't have much time and I only play for fun not to have good stats . Is it worth it to comeback? How is the game economically? Can you earn a lot of money (credits)?
  4. The point is, even in Exceed and having read all the guides I cant do damage with this skill. Any tips?
  5. I need to delete one of my chars in order to make a new violet, before you could delete a char in a few minutes but now I have to wait 2 days like in the officials?
  6. Now we have to wait two days to delete permanently a char? I need to delete now the chat in order to make a violet
  8. Shop banners, no people getting banned /// HYPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  9. Still waiting to the server to get down and knowing what is coming
  10. Same here, so, we aren't having anything until 7Pm, then the hours of maintenance and later have to wait to play bc the downloads. Well, until tomorrow we don't have anything :')
  11. Mhm... but knowing where Lady Violet lives we should be able to know when will be the update no?
  12. Anyone knows if with this update comes a better translation of this game?
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