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  1. This thread highkey makes me I can't understand or get into absurd fanservice mainly towards girls. But I'm pretty sure you can find other people with your taste in the C:C Discord Gesu stated above. If you haven't joined already you can [Here]. It's just in case. Also LF> Male Char Pics
  2. gdi brother why's your about me neater than mine


    1. Jakurai



      I'M SORRY.

      I had the about me look like this since I joined Forums LOL.

      But I've been too lazy lately to make it better like my Void Forums was.

    2. Sakuma


      oof u still did great~!

  3. ` w ` hewwo I'd like a party for Irina / David pls. I doubt I can do it alone.
  4. Since I didn't get help from the Discord Server. I'll ask this again. "I need help with Both Subjugation Sectors for materials, since it takes too long for me to defeat it on my own, is anyone willing to carry me."
  5. So, since I'm fairly new to Gear and things of that nature. I have no understanding on what gear I really need and how to get them. This is my current stat information: All of these items I usually get from Dungeons, and I slap them on depending on the Combat Power. I received the weapon from doing story quest at the International Airport a while back. I feel like these aren't really good enough, so I ask if anyone has a Guide on these said things, it'd be much appreciated.
  6. For the voice pack in this thread, It's outdated, Tina and Violet so far from my view are the only two who don't have their JP Voices in the pack, Will their be a updated version?
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