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  1. I can't speak for other characters, but Harpy...
  2. I just want the Harpy goods. And TF. And modded costumes.
  3. When you open your skill window just tick the "Edit skills" box or something like that in the upper right and you can subtract levels from there. Costs credits, but it should be easy to save up for that.
  4. Welcome back! Though... server's down and we're currently in a NoETA state for quite a while now...
  5. If you're running on an Intel processor with integrated graphics you may want to check your Intel Graphics settings. On your desktop... right click -> Graphics Properties. Your Intel Graphics control panel may look different, but look for 3D and move your 3D Preference slider (if present) from Performance to the middle or higher. I honestly can't guarantee if there was even any performance gain if you're using some really ancient hardware (mobile 2nd gen Core i3 in my case).
  6. If you remember in detail what happened, and what dungeon/s, maybe we could point out why. For game related "issues" totally out of our control, you can get dc'd from using up resources you don't have (ie. using a skill when your MP, or HP in J's case, is very low / using Phase Power Release again when it seemingly did not deplete the gauge / or running out of stacks on a skill and you try to use it). For Hell/OF, if you're dead when it transitions to a stage that grants you an extra revive, it can also disconnect you.
  7. Have you tried making a ticket in Account Support? https://codeclosers.to/forums/index.php?/forum/32-account-support-user-to-staff-only/
  8. Celine is for housing/Union Camp. But yes, VVIP's supposed to improve your chances. While I don't really have the resources to try for +14/15, the tuning chance has definitely improved. To give you "proof" though, just check all the top players in the game's Total Combat Points ranking. To give you my thoughts though, it may improve your chances, but having actual resources to enhance or tune hundreds upon hundreds of times is what really gets the "rich" to their +14/15s.
  9. You unlock more planting spots as your Housing Level goes up. Some spots will eventually be able to be planted on twice or so in a day too. The ones in red with a lock are obviously locked (you could see the level requirement on them), while the grey ones have been planted on already. You can only harvest from a spot a limited amount of times in a day, so if it so happens you have this 5 hours plant, but you harvested it after the server's daily reset time, then it will stay gray until the next daily reset.
  10. The recent patches have definitely helped everyone across the board though but characters like Seha (for raids), Wolfgang, and Soma are pretty much powerhouses as far as I know.
  11. Hello new and learning! I'm Kai. Welcome to C:C! My first tip for someone starting out is try and main Harpy.
  12. Updated guide? God exists.
  13. Hey Khei welcome to the game! Honestly, just try whoever you find interesting at first. Maybe watch videos online too if you want. In the end, it's only you who can decide who you'll stick with and main. Though... I'd always recommend Harpy.
  14. Nah. Lvl 83 Hell still provides the Awakened skill effect so there's really no choice. It's unfortunate that there's no option to toggle Awakened skills.
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