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  1. cruzerblade1029

    Has been a long time...

    The recent patches have definitely helped everyone across the board though but characters like Seha (for raids), Wolfgang, and Soma are pretty much powerhouses as far as I know.
  2. cruzerblade1029

    Hi! I'm new and learning

    Hello new and learning! I'm Kai. Welcome to C:C! My first tip for someone starting out is try and main Harpy.
  3. cruzerblade1029

    Guide to Levia (UPDATED)

    Updated guide? God exists.
  4. cruzerblade1029

    Hey peeps

    Hey Khei welcome to the game! Honestly, just try whoever you find interesting at first. Maybe watch videos online too if you want. In the end, it's only you who can decide who you'll stick with and main. Though... I'd always recommend Harpy.
  5. cruzerblade1029

    Shield Awakened Skill

    Nah. Lvl 83 Hell still provides the Awakened skill effect so there's really no choice. It's unfortunate that there's no option to toggle Awakened skills.
  6. cruzerblade1029

    Server Reset Time

    When you log in, the current system time is logged into chat. The game resets at 4 AM server time. And yeah, they're aware of the website using local time, but it's not been fixed yet.
  7. cruzerblade1029

    Costume Synthesis question

    100% success has never been applied to 2* as far as I remember 🤔
  8. cruzerblade1029

    Costume Synthesis question

    If it succeeds (10% chance when using 2* parts) you gain a 3* rare set part.
  9. cruzerblade1029

    Question About Code:Fusion

    The official agent/crew package should be permanent and upgradable. Are you sure the box you opened is the one from Code:Fusion and not the freebies you get when you finish your promotion quests?
  10. cruzerblade1029

    Talisman Bug...?

    They're compressed now into one buff icon.
  11. cruzerblade1029

    stats and damage calculations

    Of course not. They just fall under that same category.
  12. cruzerblade1029

    stats and damage calculations

    Additively. Same goes with Penetration. Just to add to your curiosity. Basically this: Total Damage Increase refers not to the stat (because that falls under Raw when totaled. Btw if you're curious how Raw is computed, I have my trial-and-error formula. It's of not much use but it was fun and I disproved a formula I found from KR sources.) but towards situationals (Aerial/Back/Chase/Phase Power), most damage increase buffs/effects (not skill damage though, since that goes to Skill Multiplier), and Skill Cube stat effects (whether A/E/M cubes, or Option cubes which are direct bonuses).
  13. cruzerblade1029

    Hello guys

    Previously named Xenons... Can you really be called new though? XD Welcome back I guess?
  14. cruzerblade1029

    Best core for Luna

    Ever since the Core weapon patch, Swords (Agile core) are now a tad bit better than Hammer (old meta for Phys).
  15. cruzerblade1029

    Total combat power or Phy/Psi power?

    Short answer... go for Psi Power. Long answer... TCP is just another damage metric Naddic came up with but as I say to other people, don't bother with TCP and just learn to look at stats yourselves. Much like the the old metric, it can be inflated by stats like Chase Damage (especially if you don't use Chase) and is even affected by increases to your opposite stat (as a Psi character, Physical stats still increase your TCP). TCP just doesn't tell the full story and Phys/Psi power is the basis of all damage you deal, so more is almost always better. Btw, take a look at what else your core gives. Offtopic | It's nice to see someone else with a crown as a profile pic XD