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  1. Have you equipped some weird dungeon drop by any chance? It could be an equipment with drawbacks (e.g. Hollow/Crater gears had negative stats on MP, Skill cost, etc. and the mod even has an HP reduction per second as a trade off for its buff). If you could show a screenshot of your Luna's gear... I couldn't really think of what else it might be either since if it were the Item level debuff, it'd be damage taken and damage dealt that's getting changed.
  2. Stage 5 has the "Vortex" in the middle. People saying "bottom left, top right" etc are saying their jump pad positions. If you look closely on the ground, you will see an expanding red circle. Once that's hit the edge of the stage, the bosses are teleported high up in the air. So right before that happens, you run to the jump pad. You'll have to stay on air and fight the two bosses. They're really tanky while on the ground so on-air is the fastest way to kill them.
  3. if you're asking for the white and blue stripes... it's Irina's summer bikini (not sure about actual name). It was only from event so good luck finding it
  4. How about make it start 1 hour after reset, and ends 1-2 hour/s before reset? Just to avoid any potential lags whenever the server resets and to give last minute entrants a time buffer. (I'm not sure if your BB raid carrying over after reset time will cause issues / be unable to claim rewards, bet it's better safe than sorry.) --- I think it's best if the new team keeps track of all previous releases. Not necessarily about what promises were made, but seeing as this costume has already been released, they could've avoided this and considered a different one. KR has had lots of recent gacha releases that even checking the character skins available, you'd already see some of 'em. A quick 'Rhapsody' search in Journals & Broadcasts gave me this result:
  5. It's likely because the English command doesn't exist or they haven't configured it themselves. If someone could give us the KR or CN commands for it, we might be able to get it to work. (I'd personally bind it as a macro.)
  6. I don't know how it is for WH, but for the other two teams you'll have to clear chapter 1 quests from Hunter's Nights. If you have no quests in Hunter's Night, then you'll have to backtrack and work on your quests til you get there, If you've cleared it, there will be more NPCs in that area and you'll have to take a quest from Jaeri Kim (scientist guy). I can't remember entirely but you'll have to run something in Theater, and then do Hoffman (might've been OC). Triggers drop from WG and Hoffman raids (normal and OC) and it might've dropped in the "sides" Training Program dungeon along with them. They can also drop in Reverse Theater (Beelzebub/BB area).
  7. I don't think having the extra two credit rows after the bits expansions is the intended way it works. Trying to unlock last two rows showing it's credits: I've asked KR players and 4 rows should be unlocked through credits, and 3 through cash/bits. It matches, but like I said, I don't think the last 2 credit rows coming after bits is intended. If this is not intended and needs to be fixed, we'd also like to know how. It could mess up the inventory of people with incomplete bits expansion (only 90, 120 bits rows)? Thanks to Taffpy's kind donation to let me test this.
  8. If by any chance you decide to play Harpy, you could hit me up. cruzerblade#1029
  9. Likes about Seth: - Seth SA needs to be released so I can have my Harpy TF - My Seth's IGN: BootlegLu Dislikes about Seth: - Seth SA needs to be released so I can have my Harpy TF - Awoo - Kills my FPS - A loli they intended to milk tons of money with - Clearly forced by Naddic with how stupid her skills are Sorry bois lolis are not for me
  10. I've known it from an online friend before it was even released in KR, telling me to play the game together with him if by any chance it gets a SEA server, or at least something English that we could play. "Let's strive to be top players!" Fast forward to CC release and that friend of mine and another one invited me to try the game, to which I was unwilling at first. I've just been through some personal matters with certain people, and have also left Elsword due to stress and burnout. I gave in after a while (must've been a week or two), and on that same day I decided to check the wiki and found the beauty that is Harpy. I asked if she's released, and it so happens C:C just updated recently. Been playing Harpy ever since.
  11. Think of them as two separate instances of damage. That's why both red (Physical) and blue (Magical/Psi) numbers show up when you attack with a skill that has Hybrid damage. Let's say I have a one-hit slash that deals 1k% Phys and 1k% Mag, then what happens is it shows the damage dealt by Phys and Mag separately. They both have their own separate stats, so damage gets computed accordingly. It doesn't take the highest, nor does it average. You will deal what it says it will deal.
  12. I don't think I've seen it mentioned, but was Divine Battle causing issues for the server so it had to be disabled?
  13. I was still able to upgrade Harpy's (I just crafted a new one last night). By Regular Agent, you mean Official Agent/Crew right? What character are you playing?
  14. You don't have to open all slots to save money. You just need to open the slots for the combination you're aiming for. For example:
  15. I know, but I was asking purely about PvE since I don't PvP at all. Just assume Epsilon is meta for PvE, which skill would you prefer to buff? I just want to get Epsilons for the heck of it. For example, I'm using Epsilon 9 (Vitamin Combi) for J. Including the Yod 2/2 bonus, it can deal up to 38k% per salvo right there.
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