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  1. I voted Harpy because she's fun and fluid to play. She's fairly strong too with the recent KR patches which hopefully we'll have soon, since we also don't have her TF here yet. She was my first character in C:C's early days and I've stuck with her through her dark times until she got buffed to where she is. Harpy can buff allies through FM4 (though minimal) but she also has some good debuffs going for her. Draw, [Awakened] 4 Cards, and FM2 Icarus Fall can debuff Crit Dmg resistance. FM2 and KR-updated Cyclone have damage amplification debuffs on enemies. And that's excluding the self-buffs Harpy has going for her. Luna can buff allies, similar to Tein, but I feel she leans toward offense more and her gameplay is far more exciting. You should check out Esther's Luna guide if you want something in-depth to read. Tein's straightforward and far simpler. Not my kind of character, but he should be bearable to play on a really lazy day. Tbh anyone can solo if you're skilled and geared enough or if you have time to spare.
  2. It could be much better... They limited the materials to just PG dungeons, and it didn't even include bosses. Why? If it was doable, the materials should've started dropping right from the start. Starting from PG, you could've made raid bosses drop more materials (Tiamat, Bytess/Meph, Irina/David, Grem, WG/Hoff, Puri bosses, BB bosses) to show their importance. They can get materials along with their leveling AND NOT keeping them holed up in Lvl 50+ PG dungeons to grind away with the only real benefit being PNA levels and Credits. The gear selection isn't that great either. They should've scaled it up all the way to something like Lvl 80 Puri shields, +13 T3 Puri Core and +12 T3 Mods. They're all temporary anyway and you're not giving them the latest and greatest. They really could've thought of pacing, so that the temporary gear goes together with their leveling (if only they didn't limit materials to PG). No point showing Athena exists when you can't even craft it. It's better off they see temporary gears that people might actually craft and use along the way. Irina/David, or even the 5/5 set in A9 (Ludwig for Phys) are better choices. They'll know what gear they're using since it's actually craftable and use that for reference for future characters that they'll level. Makes sense that way right? To those mentioning Equalizers and enhancements and stuff only way they could give away those and such is if they make sure everything's not tradeable or marketable and it's heavily limited. You know how people are when there's something exploitable. Also to those who might say just give materials to craft gear, they should just roll out game patches in the first place. We're really behind in terms of QOL like reduced material costs, 100% Trans stones, and the system that reduces crafting reqs the more you craft it in your account.
  3. Welcome back to C:C! I see you are a potential Harpy cultist fellow Harpy lover. How about joining our circle, Ambition? It's welcome to cult recruits Harpy lovers.
  4. Hi back. I'm Kai. Welcome back!
  5. Wouldn't say she's slow. Maybe there's just less presses to do since most of her skills are just pressed once. Far simpler compared to Levia and her skill interactions. Also support is a meme in Closers anyway. Everyone deals damage, buffing allies is just a bonus. 🤷‍♂️
  6. In all honesty, you should be fine with either of them. Luna should be easier to play and fairly straight forward. Check out this guide if you're interested. Levia on the other hand, I think you really need to know her skills thoroughly since that helps make sense of what your skill sequence/combo is. You can't exactly mindlessly press skills. If you like dressing up, since Levia is an older character, there should be more costumes out there for her.
  7. Best to just redownload. Especially if it's been ages since you last played with C:C. C:C is using NA translations. NA is somewhat behind, so anything NA doesn't have, C:C won't have. CHQ stopped doing their English translations because of issues (it's getting hard to make it work on the KR client or something like that, could be lack of manpower too?).
  8. If you're running on Intel integrated graphics, check my reply here.
  9. Nope. Penetration only goes through Defense. True Damage goes through not just Def, but also Damage Reduction. As long as your Phys or Psi Pene + Aerial/Back/Chase Pene (depending on which proc is relevant) is close to 100% (take buffs you can maintain into account), then you should be good.
  10. git gud I don't know about balance in recent years, but in my time I've played CN with so-so gears for PvP and held up against some of the more popular/rich players. kek Sorry to say, not too many people PvP. Distance lag doesn't help either. But anyway, welcome to C:C. Hope you enjoy your stay here. If you're ever interested in Harpy, don't hesitate to ask me. (I don't PvP though so I can't help you when it comes to that)
  11. I'm not one for goodbyes so... The game may not be fun but the real Code:Closers are the friends we made along the way. See you around Niles! Also, I'll be waiting for that 10-page essay.
  12. More Harpy players Welcome and hope you enjoy you time with Harpy!
  13. To be specific, it's when her Master cube effect triggers. It's been unlisted for so long, but it does proc Chase. - To provide feedback to the guide, it wouldn't hurt to list values. I think you're also leaving out minor things here and there (Cyclone also provides you a buff if you hit an enemy with its debuff). - I haven't done much testing, but I think for now it's wrong to assume that FM1 has forced Back procs. This is probably a similar case to Yuri's Awakened Lightning Fast. It does 2 hits and the 2nd hit has weird properties. If you cast from the front, it triggers back. But if you cast from the Back, it doesn't trigger. It's something about origin I guess. Another example is Yuri's Super Speed Assault (shadow clone version that you leave behind). It only triggers Back if the skill is behind the enemy, disregarding Yuri's own position. - FM2 debuffs the enemy, damage amplification (they take more damage) and Crit Dmg resistance. It's not forced Back. - Interlude Squall's mechanics can be explained better. - EX Sonic Boom iframes only starts when the attack starts (or if you use the one-hit version). While traveling, she's vulnerable. - EX Zephyr you forgot to mention it grants MOP buff (important consideration when you go BB core so you can use it as a starter, aside from Awk 4 Cards). - Not taking EX Wind Sting receiver is a BAD choice. It's her strongest DPS skill. 29.5k% full ABC during Master cube with 4 tunes and Receiver. Why waste the skill levels and damage boost for EX Zephyr. You can just tune for EX Zephyr once, or just let it be. There's a lot of work and polishing to do. But hey, good on you for exerting effort. I couldn't be assed to make a Harpy guide even if I wanted to. To give you an example of a really thorough guide for reference, you could check Esther's guide for Luna. I think it's got an ok format.
  14. To answer OP, check your missions from the Puri portal. You may have missed something. If you have access to Hunter's Night, you can craft the Area Gear there. It's an Epic rarity 5-pc set (Core, Mod, Shields), pretty good stats for how cheap it is (better than Irina). For your 2nd mod, you'll want to wear Extreme plus the 3 Extreme shields. For your 3rd mod, you can take the Epic mod you can get from quests (Heavy Metal Booster for Phys) until you get something better to replace this. Triggers do exist, you can drop non-Epic ones from Wolfgang/Hoffman (normal or OC) and their side dungeons, and from BB/Reverse Theater.
  15. Hey there and welcome Sooshie! I happen to know a certain Sushi that is also a Harpy player. You can always add me on Discord for your Harpy questions. (cruzerblade#2168) If you don't have a crew yet, you could always join us in Ambition. I recruit Harpy mains especially. I played Elsword (Ara Trinity / Eve CN / Add MM) and Dragon Nest (Dark Summoner / Soul Eater) as well. DN especially I enjoyed even though I didn't get to play it for long.
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