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  1. It would help to see your stat detail window. Maybe even a video (if tens of screenshots is too much of a bother to upload) to show every item, PNA, etc so we can also see the tunes and other details. But hmm, my observations so far, you don't have Puri suit, nor a finished accessory set. Arm and Waist accessory have offensive tunes and you only have misc stuff at 2*. You need to wear your signature set wings on wing slot, not visual slot, to actually get the 10/10 set effect for Crit Dmg. If I had to guess your passives aren't maxed out. It's one of the biggest sources of stats that isn't gear. Skill Cooldown inflates TCP a fair bit so it could also be a reason, in case you don't have 40% Skill CD in town. Anyway I wouldn't worry too much about TCP (because of inflation) so as long as you got a proper build, you should be good. TCP isn't everything.
  2. Honestly, I'd say they go hand in hand. And I'd say Naddic's done the clever math to at least make gears scale nicely. Most of their sources are separate anyway (you get raw value from chips, you get %power from tunes, for example). Hybrids aside (I have yet to confirm/debunk if Crit Dmg is always better for them) you generally want to take any source of raw where possible, %power or not. Enhancements, chips, tunes, etc. If you're still under-geared however, you just have to balance your blue Offense PNA between raw and % to whichever gives the most attack.
  3. ABCE is affected by diminishing returns but the rest shouldn't be. I can only confirm for gear-based skill damage though because of my tests. It's a little tricky trying to get a huge amount of misc stats like Damage increase and Armor-type damage is expensive to work on PNA.
  4. (I updated my post since your quote, so just refresh the page just in-case) Depends on what your character can use. 80% ABCE is typically the sweet spot, but you can always go higher of course. Regarding misc stats like Armor-type damage, you can specialize on that through PNA. It'll be costly preparing more PNAs than a regular player, but the option is always there if you really want to optimize your stats. Don't get baited by Crit Dmg because sometimes Damage increase or Armor-type damage is actually as good, if not better (mostly applies to heavily-geared players though).
  5. I use decimals in my formulas... Phys/Psi attack computation: As for "Damage Increase" or conditional damage: For a more detailed look at the damage formula (and well, it relates to TCP) check this: Because of the nature of conditional damage, there's no "power spike" or anything. It's basically addition. I guess the only thing to think about is the diminishing returns onto your ABC and PPR stats. You just have to distribute it based on what your character can actually use.. and for that I made this to plan out my tunes for the current end-game gear:
  6. This is one of the stats I have little info on (and well, testing isn't easy). I can give you my thoughts on what I think makes sense though. Again, just my speculation.
  7. Pretty sure a friend was able to trade those fibers in to me before. Might have to dig recent patches when they made items tradeable.
  8. I can't teach you "skill chaining" as honestly, I feel that people should learn their characters themselves. What I could point you to is info on skills. https://namu.wiki/w/하피(클로저스)/스킬 It's in Korean so you'll just have to deal with Google Crapslate, but since C:C is using NA translations (which aren't exactly updated), it's your only source of info atm apart from guides, if there's even an updated one. Seth is top-tier, so it shouldn't be a surprise for her to just faceroll as you're leveling up.
  9. Cooldown reduction from Receiver is computed before CDR stat so it's pretty much useless. You might be confusing the current shown CD because that one is already updated based on your current CDR stat. Maybe you haven't tried unequipping every source of CDR?
  10. Agile is for Physical. Sharp is for Hybrids. Mystic is for Magical/Psi.
  11. Nothing beats whaling or spending a ton of time, really. I don't think there's much time saved to be honest. Leveling is faster and getting job advancements like Special Agent and Task Force are faster, sure, but gear-wise, they don't really have nerfed requirements. We're pretty much following official servers on enhancement rates, gear requirement/costs, etc. You can probably hit top 10 with time commitment and hardwork, but I doubt you'll hit top 1 unless you're somehow able to farm as much as a whale can whale. And to be honest, why even bother be a top TCP? TCP whoring doesn't always mean it's the most effective distribution of stats.
  12. Have you checked out the tech support FAQ? Says there that you update your DirectX. https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=35 Mind listing your system specs though?
  13. Hello newbie, I'm Kai. Welcome to C:C!
  14. If by any chance you're using other custom awakening through your character's skin customization window (Gothic/Icon set's wings, Banquet's petals), I believe that one overrides the awakening through the skill window.
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