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  1. You must be new here. It's all machine translation because NA doesn't have translations for those yet.
  2. I've been hearing the keys are missing from dismantling Tiamat equipment. I might have to ask around for this, but I've read someone say that Tiamat might no longer need the keys to enter in KR. Could the devs check this out? Please fix the names on Puri Ocean items. They're all jumbled up. The tool-tips should be right in identifying what set the item is. For example an item is "Stigma" from its description but the item name says it's something else.
  3. Guess I wasn't clear... typically when something is bank shareable what comes to my mind is event items/rewards or materials, or [Event] accessories/costumes, which usually doesn't need sealing. The mention of it potentially being an event reward just stuck to my head. When I did mention it's a regular sealable item, I meant it is a regular item. Like how other costumes can be bank shared when sealed.
  4. I thought it was a gacha, my bad. And no, it's not shareable. It's a regular sealable item.
  5. Were you referring to the "Night Dance Butterfly" pupil? I don't ever remember it being handed out from events, only from when that was Bai's gacha during her release.
  6. Well, it's a jump Z thing. Not much they can do about it. I thought you wanted to record it for the lulz.
  7. Finally Harpy's solo TF, Queen of Hearts! I'm just glad the event's account-based. Not sure what to feel about the D Plugs. I guess we'll see once we know what's the craft limit and if it's a monthly/weekly restriction.
  8. Yes, it's meant to be EX/Special Agent skills. If I'm not mistaken, it's the Super gear (which upgraded into Extreme) that had the +1 to all FMs instead. It could just be an oversight when NA translated it.
  9. I've had so many questions about the game in the past few years, and bit by bit I'm finding ideas, and sometimes even figuring out the answer to some of these questions. I've been wanting to make a mega-post about the game mostly relating to stats, but I honestly feel I'm not quite done yet and there might be more things I need to retest since I've never done formal tests, or they're just lost in my screenshots folder and the chat logs of like-minded people. I don't have an ETA for the mega-post, heck I don't even know if I'll ever find out all the formulas. There are some tricky bits here and there. For an idea of what I've got so far (I'm forgetful so I may not even list them all)... - Attack stat computation including Total Phys Power, Additional Phys Power, J's passive, excluding Yuri's passive (because I need some more testing to do) - Diminishing returns which I learned from @Vessaliux - Damage formula yet again, from Vessa - Skill Cubes which is just a reaffirmation of Vessa's info - TCP formula for non-Hybrids, which by the way uses the damage formula (I really can't figure out for the life of me what the Hybrid formula is. Yuri's passive makes it even more complicated too.) - Damage Increase/Dealt and Armor-type Damage - Skill Damage Increase from gears ie. Puri Core/Mods/Receiver, and how the formula isn't actually diminishing (which pretty much disproves this document) - For stuff that I may need to revisit however... %HP damage (and what affects it) and Pet damage (I only did informal tests), are all I can remember. Might've missed some. I think it's pretty apparent that all of these are related to damage. There are too many assumptions, and too many... opinions... floating around. I mostly started computing for myself for fun (I know, I'm fun at parties) because I just wanted to know "how". But with how far I've gone, eventually getting rid of assumptions would be the ideal goal. I'm creating this post to gather more questions in-case there's anything I've missed from above that you also wanted to know. I'll keep things PvE-only and try to keep them related to numbers our characters have, rather than numbers enemies have. I don't think I'm anywhere close to figuring out enemy defense and Damage Reduction values, not even Critical Resistance. Let alone trying to figure out how much damage they deal to us instead. Now I would like to answer questions, but ideally I want to accompany it with sheets and formulas. I don't have anything near polished or dummy-friendly that would allow you guys to easily input values without getting confused. I'm don't know much about spreadsheet commands frankly. People who dare venture further better prepare their own sheets and calculators. As always, . No promises on any time frame at all. I just do this when I'm not lazy on my free time. If by any chance anyone's aware of any English (or heck even Korean, does it even matter anymore?) source that's doing something like I am, please send me n00ds links. Thanks.
  10. I voted Harpy because she's fun and fluid to play. She's fairly strong too with the recent KR patches which hopefully we'll have soon, since we also don't have her TF here yet. She was my first character in C:C's early days and I've stuck with her through her dark times until she got buffed to where she is. Harpy can buff allies through FM4 (though minimal) but she also has some good debuffs going for her. Draw, [Awakened] 4 Cards, and FM2 Icarus Fall can debuff Crit Dmg resistance. FM2 and KR-updated Cyclone have damage amplification debuffs on enemies. And that's excluding the self-buffs Harpy has going for her. Luna can buff allies, similar to Tein, but I feel she leans toward offense more and her gameplay is far more exciting. You should check out Esther's Luna guide if you want something in-depth to read. Tein's straightforward and far simpler. Not my kind of character, but he should be bearable to play on a really lazy day. Tbh anyone can solo if you're skilled and geared enough or if you have time to spare.
  11. It could be much better... They limited the materials to just PG dungeons, and it didn't even include bosses. Why? If it was doable, the materials should've started dropping right from the start. Starting from PG, you could've made raid bosses drop more materials (Tiamat, Bytess/Meph, Irina/David, Grem, WG/Hoff, Puri bosses, BB bosses) to show their importance. They can get materials along with their leveling AND NOT keeping them holed up in Lvl 50+ PG dungeons to grind away with the only real benefit being PNA levels and Credits. The gear selection isn't that great either. They should've scaled it up all the way to something like Lvl 80 Puri shields, +13 T3 Puri Core and +12 T3 Mods. They're all temporary anyway and you're not giving them the latest and greatest. They really could've thought of pacing, so that the temporary gear goes together with their leveling (if only they didn't limit materials to PG). No point showing Athena exists when you can't even craft it. It's better off they see temporary gears that people might actually craft and use along the way. Irina/David, or even the 5/5 set in A9 (Ludwig for Phys) are better choices. They'll know what gear they're using since it's actually craftable and use that for reference for future characters that they'll level. Makes sense that way right? To those mentioning Equalizers and enhancements and stuff only way they could give away those and such is if they make sure everything's not tradeable or marketable and it's heavily limited. You know how people are when there's something exploitable. Also to those who might say just give materials to craft gear, they should just roll out game patches in the first place. We're really behind in terms of QOL like reduced material costs, 100% Trans stones, and the system that reduces crafting reqs the more you craft it in your account.
  12. Welcome back to C:C! I see you are a potential Harpy cultist fellow Harpy lover. How about joining our circle, Ambition? It's welcome to cult recruits Harpy lovers.
  13. Hi back. I'm Kai. Welcome back!
  14. Wouldn't say she's slow. Maybe there's just less presses to do since most of her skills are just pressed once. Far simpler compared to Levia and her skill interactions. Also support is a meme in Closers anyway. Everyone deals damage, buffing allies is just a bonus. 🤷‍♂️
  15. In all honesty, you should be fine with either of them. Luna should be easier to play and fairly straight forward. Check out this guide if you're interested. Levia on the other hand, I think you really need to know her skills thoroughly since that helps make sense of what your skill sequence/combo is. You can't exactly mindlessly press skills. If you like dressing up, since Levia is an older character, there should be more costumes out there for her.
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