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  1. Yeah, the translation is kinda off, but you can still use the objective marker whenever you're feeling lost. and glad I could help
  2. 1 ) First of all, do the PG main questline first. Completing it basically gives you a full PG54 set and core ready to easily upgrade. After that, clear both blue and red dungeons, at the highest level, as much as possible, for a chance to get PG70 base materials. 2 ) PG rewards quite a good amount of exp for its level range. The problem is, it's limited per day so you're better off moving on after getting the stuff you need. 3 ) It's a limited event box for returnees you can use to progress faster(gives timed full Hollow/LBK70 set). I'm not sure if it's intended since they never announce
  3. Bottom line is the complaints were absurd, thus the response is abit over the top. Can't blame the staff tbh.
  4. ^ This LUL Did we even said we didn't liked the event? Wow, way to jump on conclusions there bruh. Seems like any sort of criticism can't even be considered valid these days...
  5. There is no point in adding higher difficulties, specially if the dungeon has a 16 count limit. Who would waste time for potentially longer runs? And endgame or capped characters having it easy isn't an issue. If you're talking about effort then they deserve it more cuz' they capped their characters and you can call it a [decent]effort already. Repeating it 16 times doesn't help either. The event is just filled with redundancy. Also, those complaints from the Irina event was a joke. Only brain dead people or lazy asses who can't get past Airport or LBK are complaining about
  6. They already mentioned that they plan to put SP books in future events. And it doesn't make much of a difference though as one's equipment still dictates majority of the damage. ( Yuri characters have a slightly bigger gap though...)
  7. You'll gonna need at least both Hollow core and mod before you can solo Tiamat within a reasonable amount of time. Also, like Barbie said, the lack of Aerial damage bonus from lantern mustn't stop you from floating/staying in the air. Aerial is the most consistent and reliable situational damage type(except for Nata/Tina) and so you must take full advantage of it always. As first mentioned by Barbie, in G Tower Rooftop. Observe how each one turns different/darkens in color. It will explode quickly once it does, and does so simultaneously. It also follows
  8. If you mean credits(in-game currency) to Code/Bits(cash) exchange, it's commonly 90+mil credits for a 5$ code which is worth 1500 bits. I dunno about VoidEls trade though. Could be more or less depending on the seller and the coming update. You can check some BM threads here or ask around in discord server.
  9. Most stuff are cheap and affordable. It's not really P2W but still need to spend if you want maximum performance. The server is young after all. Market feels kinda less lively since there hasn't been any update for weeks... How much you spend on gear upgrades majorly depends on your luck. Tina-related stuff could be more expensive than most stuff when released though.
  10. Uh, you can check your stats by pressing P>Detailed Info. There is no cap for damage modifiers in PvE environment, though getting past 100% pen. Rate wouldn't make any sense. (Seulbi also gets bonus pen. rate from certain skills)
  11. You need to git gud jk. Preferred Tuning priority in order : Additional/Total Magic DMG > Magic Crit DMG > Aerial DMG > Aerial Crit DMG > Pen. Rate* Also, Crit Rate is an overrated stat.
  12. You don't need Obsidian keys for "sides", that's required for Abyss instead.
  13. Tiamat Sides drops the stuff you need for the quest if ever you lost or didn't get it for whatever reason.
  14. afaik newly posted stuff on BM doesn't get instantly displayed for a certain amount of time. I noticed the same but left it as it is although the next day, most of my stuff got already sold. cmiiw tho
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