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  1. Unfortunately, you can't. Please wait patiently.
  2. We are aware of this issue, please be patient while we're working on a fix!
  3. To access Asmodeus raid and dungeons you have to clear Mist quests first. Go to Hunter's Night and talk to your <Hub Transport> NPC. Accept a normal mission called "7th-type Encounter". Click spoiler below to see Mist quests progression: After you finished all Mist quests go to Fantasy World: Dream Theater <<Reverse>> and talk to <Count D>. Accept a main mission called "A foretold invitation". Click spoiler below to see Asmodeus quests progression: After finishing the quests you should have access to all of Asmodeus dungeons and raid.
  4. My mind can't comprehend all those buffs that buff skills then buff attacks then give another buffs... damn
  5. Maybe half of the players should wear glasses... For real tho, I think the best way to fix barely visible indicators would be either: - changing their color - showing a warning message before/when the indicators spawn - if solutions above fail, reducing the dmg. And I guess you're right about the red lasers appearing on stage 5. I only want to add that those red lasers appear only at the beginning of stage 5 (same goes to purple lasers from stage 3, they appear at the beginning of stage 4). Hope it's fixable.
  6. Im going to add my 2 cents about stage 4 and 5. I'd understand if the indicators for the red pillars were hard to see if the attack wasn't lethal, but it is. You can't react properly to the lethal move when you can't see it in the first place. It makes the dungeon randomly unforgiving and I hope that wasn't your point. Those red pillars also appear at stage 5 (as if the walls and chasing bears weren't enough), was it intended? Also, it feels like this dungeon was designed exclusively for newer characters with a lot of i-frames (I can see Miraes rolling through this dungeons with
  7. I'll try to figure out if there's a way to add it manually once I come back from work, if i find anything I'll post it here
  8. I'm not sure if it's the same, it doesn't appear in NVIDIA Program Settings, while all other .EXE files do. I just hope you won't leave us on ice with this.
  9. Tried it, it only made things slightly better. It's still not even close to how smooth the game was before the fix.
  10. As the title says, after the latest XIGNCODE fix my game got huge FPS drops, to the point it's not playable. I followed all steps shown below (I had to use option B because A didn't work). I didn't mess with the files in any way till the official fix was provided and my PC didn't get any updates in the meantime. After the fix me and some other people (NOT ALL) got a x16 option in antialiasing tab. For some unknown reason only people who got this x16 change experience FPS issues, others still have only x8 option available and they have no issues. I have no idea how and why
  11. Yes, it's bugged, nothing we can do now
  12. I had similar issue with my laptop long time ago. My keyboard was randomly dying both in Closers and LoL. In my case only BIOS update helped.
  13. Didn't see official discussion thread so I'm gonna create one myself, basically talking about this: Event costumes/craftables previews if you're looking for some: If you find any bugs then go there instead: https://codeclosers.to/forums/index.php?/forum/34-report-a-bug/ This thread is purely to share your feelings/thoughts about the update and events.
  14. It's beacuse Bai and Soma have different storylines even tho they are in the same team. So you won't be able to play together until Planar Gate (approx lvl 55) Plus there's a lot of missions that are solo only. Soma follows the same storyline as Luna and Seth. Bai follows the same storyline as Wolfgang.
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